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Manncorp FVX Pick and Place- Installation Files for software needed

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 16:45:27 EDT 2017 | vilobion

Company I'm at recently purchased a used Manncorp FVX pick and place benchtop unit, and the previous owner was unable to provide the actual installer for the software used to drive the unit- it looks like they dumped the folder from C: onto a disc fo

SMT-5000 Capability

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 18:20:14 EST 2012 | davef

Your SMT5000 can place 25 thou components. I'd guess the TQFN-EP is 16 thou pitch. You get the picture. Before considering the purchase a capable machine, I'd add copper to the board to give my operators a break when they tweek the position of these

Pick and place machine for small productions. Any suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 19:38:33 EDT 2013 | jvadillo

Hi all! after hours of manual hand soldering and after spending thousands of euros subcontracting PCB assembly, we have decided to buy a fully automated pick&place machine. Our main assembly requirements are 0805/0603 for passives and TQFP-64


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