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ip3 placing head error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 12:46:43 EDT 2011 | jdengler

In the center of the head shaft there is a rod that is used to flag 2 sensors at the top of the shaft. This lets the machine know when a nozzle is attached. Check that the sensors are working correctly and the rod moves freely. The sensors are fib

Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 13 19:34:16 EST 2007 | geb

(Its a flex head) I have made a trial program to determine at what point it stops. This is how it goes: I load the program, push the start button it will zero and pick components with head 1. As soon as it finishes placing head 1 parts it halts wher

Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 11:12:08 EST 2007 | jaimebc

I've had experienced this issues here with our GSM's Flex heads. Try this: 1.- Clean your linear scales with alcohol and a lint free cloth. Both the X and Y. This one has fixed the majority of our errors when one of the heads just stops for no apare

Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 11:04:09 EST 2007 | mika

zero > in manual Control > bring the head close to the end of the machine so that you can reach the head => Diagnostic meny > engage the clutches and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: use Extreme Caution (you can flip off the X-Y circuit braker on the lower ba

Axis head error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 07:11:37 EDT 2005 | geb

Does anyone know what an "Axis Head 1 Theta DAC limit error during Move Absolute Command" may mean? It occurred during production. I have checked through the board's program for errors but cannot see any.

Axis head error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 08:57:31 EDT 2005 | tommyttr

It is either the axis card, or the head bd. reporting corrupted data

ip3 placing head error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 05:07:53 EDT 2011 | johndoe0222

I received an error on my fuji ip3 which is: "Placing head 1 nozzle has become detached." Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix this. Thanks

Axis head error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 10:40:09 EDT 2005 | geb

Thanks for your help. Solved it - The spindles on the head were stiffer than the other heads, so greasing it fixed it.

Adhesive Dispensing using PDP head

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 22:27:40 EDT 2011 | pkamath2

Hello, My company recently installed a Positive Displacement Pump on a GSM Pick @ Place machine for dispensing chipbonder (loctite 3621) dots before mounting chip components. The head uses Universal stand nozzles (single port-small dot, dual port 0

contact 3av head homing errors

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 06:29:27 EDT 2010 | darrenleebs

i have an old contact 3av pick and place machine that has started to display placement head position errors. the machine seems to start working if you switch it on and leave it for a couple of hours to warm up. has anybody had simillar issues with th

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