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amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 07 09:18:07 EDT 2011 | jjcarver

amplifiere error states, Amplifier setup error, programming during startup failed.. Cannot get machine to initiate anyone have this problem?? machine is a MYDATA19e

MyData error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 13:49:26 EDT 2014 | dyoungquist

Motor control MSETDYN -> Initiate axis C -> Centering jaws 156 -> Motor timeout Did not reach specified position Hardware problem Looks like you have something wrong with the movement of your centering jaws.

YV100xg error

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 06 08:38:54 EDT 2010 | sachu_70

I am impressed to know that you are a one-man army confronting YV100Xg. However, you could always call in for an Engineer from a YAMAHA service provider to resolve your problem. Else, just try by reinstalling your machine software. But before you do

Universal GSM1 startup error

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 12:11:56 EDT 2015 | bnorton

OS/2 UIC version 3.2.3 Powerup seems to go OK until, while the GUI says ...initializing..., an error popup appears saying "Did not receive request to load machine model within timeout period. Possible machine error condition exists. Do you want t

S27 Y-axis error

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 03:58:52 EDT 2022 | erici

We are having problems with our Siemens Siplace S27 machine. The machine is giving the error - Y-axis Faulty initialization of Motor. We replaced the Y motor card and swapped also the servo control cards on the two gantries. Still will not initiali

MYdata 15E F-Mot error

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 11:34:08 EDT 2019 | jstebbs89

Running a Mydata 15E and in the middle of a board the machine will freeze. Restart the machine and try to initiate the hardware, get an error message of F-MOT-MSETDYN X/163: Illegal value of DSP command arguement I've check all the connections on t

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 09:52:45 EST 2014 | brendansales

Dear Rob, Got to the maintenance menu, under the Motor section, I selected Z motor and tried to initiate motor, there was no movement on the machine and I had the error message as below: F-MOT-MSETDYN Z/12: Position counter dead I suspect that ser

mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 13:16:15 EST 2014 | rgduval

Hi, Brendan, It sure sounds like it to me. But, with the Z axis, there could be one other thing to check. On my old TP, there were z-locks...two pistons that pointed sideways around the head travel. Initializing the z-motors did not move the z-

error 117:Overflow on CSM84

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 01 18:08:03 EST 2007 | jmelson

Hello, I just ran into a crazy problem with my CSM84. I did a batch of one side of a board, then loaded the program to do the top side, and it stops with the head over the 3rd component's feeder, and reports error 117:overflow. The maintenance manua

Universal GSM1 startup error

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 08 09:45:11 EDT 2015 | edwaterfall01

It would be helpful to know what happened before the error occurred. Do you have another machine so that you can swap some boards? The Force CPU, (machine controller) located in the VME, is responsible for controlling all machine-related activities.

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