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Phillips/Assembleon Eclipse 1

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 17:09:48 EDT 2012 | test_tech

I have an Eclipse 1, that is no longer in production use for pick and place, but I would like to use the the gantry system and install a custom head to perform other tasks. I am looking for some guidance or information on how the existing servo con

Integration of manual odd form / low volume pick and place

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 18:13:21 EDT 2002 | johnlee

Kevin, There are a number of custom integrated systems that perform automated insertion of "odd" components. These system use either a robot or cantilevered X,Y,Z Cartesian motion systems. Our systems have accepted standard and custom component feede

Building an AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue May 08 09:15:12 EDT 2007 | kenpeh

Hi It is very interest topic on building a AOI internal.(10000) I am very aggree on Machine designer point of view. I had gone throught the state of develop a post reflow AOI which complete it begining of this year. Just share part of it. Few poi

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 12:57:55 EST 2018 | aemery

Gerber EZ is not available on the Accuflex platform. Speedline (now ITW EAE), like most manufactures, do not want to offer new tools on old platforms. There is one feature in the AccuPro software that I don't believe was added in any version of the

Camera not parked error on mpm ap 25.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 23:52:58 EDT 2017 | aemery

Don, either you have a faulty park sensor or much more likely the vision gantry Y axis is not reaching the sensor. Possible issues, one of the two VY drivers cards is failing; one of the VY forcer motors (air bearings) is failing; to much air leakin

contact systems 3z starting problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 16:35:54 EST 2013 | martingruber

I am facing the following problem: Powering up the machine the start sequence stops with following message: Inizializing Hardware .... Reading SRAM data .... Inizializing MEI Motion Bd .... Mei bd. @ 240 # Dev. Version 2.4g2 Option 41 DSP BOOT MEMORY

Impact Value vs Placement Force

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 13:39:06 EDT 2018 | gregp

Impact is the instantaneous force at the time the component first reaches the PCB. F=M*a....so the acceleration is the key factor. If charted on a graph it would look like a spike...higher force for a short duration. The placement force is typical

contact systems 3z starting problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 02:43:49 EST 2013 | haiae

Hi, You just take out motion board, clean it & connector on the interconnector board. After done plug in and boot the machine again, it'll be fine back.

Re: Digital Camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 09:20:22 EDT 1999 | Jon Gruett

| | This is out of the normal scope of this site but� | | | | I am in search of a Digital Camera for use with documentation instructions. What would be the Minimum Resolution that I should require? I will need details of assemblies such as Compone

Maintenance software

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 16:48:19 EDT 2002 | Ozzy

Siemens has a software tool called SMMT that prompts when PM is needed based on actual machines usage, not the calander. All machine motions are tracked the PM prompt is given when the counter reaches the threshold. All PM steps are described in det

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