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Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 26 20:10:58 EDT 2005 | Anna

What type of alloy and at what temperature do you use for wave soldering? Do you need to modify your machine? I am using SCN but I have problem controlling my bath. Are you running on multilayer board or PTH boards? Do you face any fillet lifting

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Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 06 10:21:10 EDT 2004 | pioneertechnology

Hi All We have been manufacturing lead free in the UK for about two years now in a fashion. Let me expalin. Two years ago we began to change over our wave solder machines to lead free process. We read all the articles and attended the seminars on

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Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 15:45:35 EDT 2004 | russ

We don't do any wave, SMT only. We did not have to change apertures for lead free, we use the same stencil that we did when we ran water soluble with pb. This I think might be dependant upon your current design of both pad and apertures however.


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