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How to PROPERLY interpet a supplier's paste profile documentation & specification?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 24 11:01:19 EST 2013 | davef

I wouldn't get too tightly wrapped around the axial of paste suppliers recommendations of thermal recipes. Said another way, "Do not count on the solder paste representatives for good technical advice--they are the ones who came up with these "'TIME

Printing problem, water soluble paste with gold plating PCB..

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 29 23:58:08 EDT 2001 | Frank

Hi Dave Thanks for your information. The problem that I found is paste not stick well on pads ( solder paste printing process). When the table move down (PCB saperate from stencil) some of paste stick on aperture instead pads. Solder paste : Delta

missing component after placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 21:23:51 EST 2000 | Dennis

Hello! all Will anybody give me advice for missing componets for 0402, 0603 R or C chips? I am not gonna tell you which machine I use, but from my experience, every p&p machine has possibility for missing component after placing 400 or more componen

Dek compared to MPM

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 02:41:58 EST 2001 | marshall_shuai

Dear Mr. Jeff, Our SMT room are using the DEK288 and MPM2030 Printers at the same time. We found the similar problem also as mentioned by MR.JOHNW. We analysis it was mainly caused by the PCB metal fixture used in DEK288. The PCB metal fixture is

Super Mole Gold Batter charger lost, please help!!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 12:23:11 EDT 2004 | Peter Barton

FYI Label on the back of my charger says the following: Pt. No. WD23D200KCN PSU E31-0900-21 Input 230 V AC Output 9V DC, 0.2A 1.8VA Ours is of course United Kingdom type, even if the mains plug is European and requires an adaptor. Not too sure a

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 08:06:07 EST 2005 | tk380514

Also we have just made a prototype for Wave soldered SMT components D-packs + 0603 + TSSOP�s on the bottom side with THT comp. on the top, the stencil manufacturer gave his personal library of glue stencil openings and adviced on stencil thickness wh

Vision Master 150 problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 03:47:16 EST 2006 | Adrian

Hi guys, Has anyone ever had experiance with a Vision Master 150 ?, we have 2 onsite and I am trying to get accurate BGA paste height measurements from this machine, but both the machines are giving me results with huge variations, like +/- 0.2 thou

Chip capacitor size - Fuji CP6

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 27 06:32:24 EDT 2006 | mika

Many Thanks to You all. I think we should be ok with the majorty of our cap's if we set the comp. thicknes to 0.2 mm less than the actual size to be able to compensate for the variable thicknes from different wendors for a certain component. Do You

Pin-in-Paste, Intrusive Reflow, Solder Preforms, etc.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 03:16:11 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning, The critical points for successful PIP technology are: 1. Gap between THT lead and PHT hole. It shouldn�t be greater that 0.2mm; 2. Lead shape. THT leads MUST be straight or you�ll get excessive voiding otherwise; 3. As Russ said, pas

LGA36 6.5 x 3.5 mm

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 16:36:39 EDT 2007 | mika

Ah, I almost forget (forgot?) to mention that according to the Gerber files (which is the info we send to the PCB-house) the PCB land pattern for this LGA-36 0.35mm rounded pads and the boardhouse cannot achieve this. I understand them; 0.35mm pads,

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