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.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 16:36:21 EST 2004 | www.smtinfo.net

Alpha Metals sells a paste developed especially for 0201's and 0.5 mm pitch BGA's. I have no idea if if does what it promises, but it might be worth to give it a try. See http://www.alphametals.com/omnixsolder/pdfs/OM_6106.PDF

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 15:35:42 EST 2004 | davef

Ken: Please tell us.

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 13:25:00 EST 2004 | russ

Help! i just rec'd my next job from our marketing people and it has a .5mm pitch BGA 8mmX8mm size. Along with this kit came the stencil. So, I have never placed this fine of a BGA before and I am pretty worried about the stencil releasing the past

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 13:55:32 EST 2004 | black5629

That will depend on so many factors: solder type / flux type sphericity of balls in paste stencil type (laser chem etch, electro form etc.) print paramaters I will tell you that it can be done.

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 15:32:21 EST 2004 | davef

Not to trivialize the comments in the above posting, but yer blanked. The old refrain from the sales types: "I shot it, you skin and cook it!!"

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 07:48:34 EST 2004 | mk

Sorry I am late with the solution but I have been out on the road. Absolutely the reason solid solder deposit was invented. Hands down the best and most affordable, dependable solution to your challenge. http://www.sipad.com mkehoe@sipad.net

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 14:13:13 EST 2004 | russ

Just to finish this up, We did manage to print this little part with good success without any major re-setup of printer settings I would not recommend these parameters for production to anybody however. You can print 2-3 boards before it starts to

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 15:46:44 EST 2004 | russ

Kinda what I thought, Ken, what would the parameters be relating to sphericity, flux, etc... We use type 3 63/37 usually watersoluble but for this I think I'm gonna have to use no-clean paste. When you say it can be done, what exactly does that

.5mm BGA

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 21 11:59:22 EST 2004 | Ken

sphericity and consistency are important. egg shaped, dog-boned shape snd tear-drops work against you and promote clogging and in-effective "transfer efficiency". One of the most signifficant factors will be brand/type. Not all fluxes are created

Should I panic over .5mm pitch BGA?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 00:50:59 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, We have a new part we need to mount, and it's a .5 mm pitch BGA with .3 mm diameter pads. That's a lot smaller than we have done before, and we currently use 1 mm pitch BGA's with .5 pads. Has anyone does .5 mm pitch BGA's and what needs to be

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