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Stencil for BGA re-balling

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 01:01:55 EST 2008 | mskler

What should be stencil size to reball the BGA of 0.6MM ball dia.

What size panels for chain oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 23 02:16:52 EDT 2022 | poly

Is there are reason for going for larger (or smaller) boards when designing panels for use with a chain conveyor oven? My panels range from 0.6mm 2 layer (for touch with hatched ground) to 1.6mm 4 layer. I'm planning to go for smaller panels to reduc

What size panels for chain oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 13:34:18 EDT 2022 | emeto

10x6 to 12x8 is ideal for most equipment. Too small panel is not good too for handling by humans and machines. 1.6mm you can use as and depanel on the router. 0.6mm you might need to run on SMT carrier, if you see warping.

PCB Thickness and BLR

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 13:26:32 EDT 2019 | az2019

Hi, I have a general question about the relationship of PCB thickness and BLR testing result. For example, I have QFN6x6 parts mounted on board in 1.2mm, 1.6mm, and 2.4mm thickness. All boards have 6 layers of Cu. Studies show thicker board gives les

Adaptable PCB support systems for use in pick and place machines?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 14:56:27 EDT 2015 | sarason

Adding to my previous message this could be solved fairly easily for the general case with a jig made from 3.2 - 4mm aluminium aircraft grade plate. you would machine the bottom side edges to give a 1.6 mm thickness, then machine the top side to leav

LGA Stencil Spec

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 11:32:44 EDT 2000 | bzark

Any opinion on what size aperture and stencil thickness is most optimum for Land Grid Array 1.27mm pitch with .6mm pad using SN/AG NC solder paste?

Non-halogenated PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 11:06:42 EDT 2000 | polymer

Where can I find laminates containing non-halogenated PCB? I'm especially interested in FR-4 and CEM-3, 1.6 mm 25um. Thanks in advance! Dr. Lennart Johansson Polymer Support

Re: patchproblem lifted lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 13:20:07 EST 1999 | John Thorup

Hello Wolfgang Try looking in the process guides section of Circuit Technologies web site. Their recomendation is to bond the jumper wire to the board within 6mm of the lead with hot melt glue, cyanoacrylic glue or adhesive dots. John Thorup

Straddle mount connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 03:33:33 EDT 1999 | Ron Lahat

Do you have experience with reflow process of a straddle mount connector on a 1.6 mm PCB ? Connector have more than 200 pins What is the process ? Thanks

Sequencer Axial Machines Adhesive Tape

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 22 17:00:45 EDT 1998 | Mohamed Ragai

Dear Sirs, If any one involved in THT ,Please advise with a company info and tel/fax which produce 6mm adhesive tape for sequencer axial machines. thanks all Mohamed Ragai

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