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SMD Capasitor

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 09:53:51 EDT 2012 | markhoch

Now THAT's a B.A.C!

Power Supply - Capacitor's

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 13 17:21:08 EST 2002 | rory@integraonline.com

14,000 uf now that's a BAC!!! Not really that big - check out www.cap-xx.com Cheers, Rory

Power Supply - Capacitor's

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 09 06:52:07 EST 2002 | davef

14,000 uf now that's a BAC!!! Your thinking is correct. Connecting capacitors together works just opposite to connecting resistors together. * Capacitors in parallel add like resistors in series [Ct = C1 + C2 + ... Cn]. * Capacitors in series add l

Troubleshooting a Panasonic Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 19:28:50 EDT 2004 | Enrique

Hello. I have a question, i don't know if any one of you can help me. The same screen printer comes with a small thermal printer: Panadac-931-02-A; I wan't to use it for another application, but I need the drivers in order to print from a Windows ope


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