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Cpk Variables Control for Paste Printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 04 16:38:51 EST 2002 | davef

Equipment companies like to talk about �accuracy� and �repeatability�. These measures provide limited information. Flaws of the measure aside, some printer companies have begun to report Cp. * DEK ELA: Cp = 1.33 @ �0.025mm * DEK 265: Cp = 1.6 @ �0.0

Stencil Design for BGA with 0.2 mm Diameter Pad and 0.4 mm pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 21:47:41 EST 2019 | sssamw

Yes, 0.25x0.25 square could work @0.1 thickness, use nano-coating or electroform stencil for better solder paste release.

V-scoring design and equipment questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 17:32:17 EDT 2006 | flipit

Hi, A little off subject but I just finished a quick little experiment where I placed 0201 to 1206 and some ceramic resonators at specific distances off the scored edge. The distances from scored edge ranged from 0.025" on up at 0.025" increments.

solder paste volume spread

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 08:02:53 EST 2002 | davef

Slump is a function of the particular paste you select and the temperature of the paste. Use a slump test like the one that follows to compare fluxes. Slump Test Step Process activity 1 Print paste on white ceramic substrate or microscope sli


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 07:59:47 EST 2002 | Jim Mills

Customer has requested a custom CBGA pakaged resistor network.I've seen a lot of info about TCE mismatch but aslo have heard that using 0.025-0.030 balls offers some stress releif which allows for the TCE mismatch to become less of a problem. Would

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 18:19:05 EDT 2005 | Jason Fullerton

If the uBGA has aperatures that are 0.25mm square, you need to use a laser cut foil no thicker than 3.75 mils to get an area ratio of 0.67, which is the minimum rule of thumb - that's too thin! Electroform would probably work up to 4.5 mils thick.

Reflowed Component Placement Tolerance

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 12:32:19 EDT 2003 | Gregg

We are looking at a design that has an smt led emiter and a corresponding smt detector. After reviewing the tolerance stackup, we need a reflowed placement accuracy of +/-0.25mm(+/-0.010") for each component. Any thoughts/opinions?

What is Cu-EFTEC 64T?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 17:23:02 EDT 2004 | davef

Ah, here it is: EFTEC-64T. A commercial leadframe material with the nominal composition of Cu-0.3Cr-0.25Sn-0.2Zn

Solder voids in PTH

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 22:57:38 EST 2008 | davef

Duno. What's the diameter of: * Finished connector lead * Finished through hole We reckon: Lead size plus ~0.25mm [0.010"] is normal.

Screen cleaner evaluation

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 12:28:28 EST 2008 | jseagle

1.0mm (0.039") 1.75X >0.5 to 1.0mm (0.02 to 0.039") 4X 0.25 to 0.5mm (0.00984 to 0.02") 10X

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