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Stencil for BGA re-balling

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 01:01:55 EST 2008 | mskler

What should be stencil size to reball the BGA of 0.6MM ball dia.

Problems with Maxim TQFN 38 pin part

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 13:52:11 EDT 2007 | Oswaldo Rey

Vias are thru hole, pcb is two sided, bottom copper is 2 sq inches, vias are 0.6mm diameter. thanks,

QP 242

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 06:16:37 EST 2011 | ravo

I am asking if I can assemble BGA components with my machine QP242. My BGA spec : WIDTH * LENGTH = 27*27 MM PIN DIAMETE = 0.6 MM Thankd in advance.

0402 (1005) component

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 12:23:14 EDT 2005 | Rob

Have you checked the placement height? it will need to be set down to about 0.5mm - 0.6mm, whereas you can get away with 0.9mm for 0603. Not a Panasonic expert but I've seen this nearly every time a customer has taken the step down. Cheers, Rob.

Gerber Data Drill Holes

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 01:32:56 EST 2006 | tk380514

I need to change Drill holes sizes in a PCB from 0.6mm to 0.55mm. Do it need to change anything else other than the Drill hole size in the INfo section of the Gerber file, for example do i also need to change the artwork of the other layers if the dr

Reduced component lead diameters

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 10:58:35 EDT 2006 | rlackey

Hi has anyone noticed any issues with reduced component lead diameters on through hole resistors? All the volume manufacturers have or are in the process of reducing the lead diameters from 0.6mm to 0.4mm due to the huge increase in copper prices o

What size panels for chain oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 13:34:18 EDT 2022 | emeto

10x6 to 12x8 is ideal for most equipment. Too small panel is not good too for handling by humans and machines. 1.6mm you can use as and depanel on the router. 0.6mm you might need to run on SMT carrier, if you see warping.

What size panels for chain oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 23 02:16:52 EDT 2022 | poly

Is there are reason for going for larger (or smaller) boards when designing panels for use with a chain conveyor oven? My panels range from 0.6mm 2 layer (for touch with hatched ground) to 1.6mm 4 layer. I'm planning to go for smaller panels to reduc

LGA Processing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 23:35:43 EDT 2007 | mika

Question: Does this formula apply even for the small LGA:s like LGA36 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.6 mm pad size 0.35mm pitch 0.60mm? We use a 0.13 mm stencil thichess beacuse on the same board there is some P.I.P comps. The board dimensions is 35 x 50 mm on a pane

SMT Adhesive and Other

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 03:54:37 EST 2008 | muarty

I would think that you could quite easily use 0.6mm I/D nozzles even when using a hand syringe. As you say you are only using this for larger devices to prevent them from falling off. I am sure there are very reasonably priced small compressed air un

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