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0201 pad layout

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 06 05:03:11 EST 2012 | richieoreilly

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone is placing 0201 components in volume. If so What pad layout are you using, i.e. pad size, shape and spacing. Also are you pads and fiducials solder mask defined or copper defined. Can you also let me know the rough q

0201 pad layout

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 06 13:47:15 EST 2012 | davef

Your starting [and finishing] point should be IPC-7351B Land Pattern Calculator and Tools - http://landpatterns.ipc.org/default.asp For more, look here: * http://www.smtnet.com/bob-willis/pbdai.html * http://www.onboard-technology.com/pdf_novembre

Tombstoning 0201

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 05:46:51 EDT 2021 | denism

To measure two 0201 pads, you need to solder two thermocouples for each component pin on different segments. Thermocouple wire should be 36AWG.

0201 Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 21:43:28 EDT 2009 | davef

In reworking 0201, we: * Cut the 0201 in half with a side cutter * Heat the solder on each pad separately and flick the half 0201 off the board * Preheat a new component to +150°C with a hot plate * Solder a new 0201 on the undressed pads with a hot

Tombstoning 0201

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 05:14:06 EDT 2021 | compit

A large pad nearby receives heat - the resistor pads heat up unevenly ?

Tombstoning 0201

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 17:39:02 EDT 2021 | duchoang

Agree. The big pad and part nearby made the paste on two ends of cap melted unevenly.Deposit more paste on the tombstone-ed pad will make it easier to melt. Nothing wrong with profile if everything else is OK. BTW, how to measure temperature on two e

0201 caps

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 03 20:54:57 EST 2002 | davef

Q1:A picture of the sectioned MLCC would be nice. A1: I don't think I can post pics in this (if anyone knows otherwise let me know), so I will email them to anyone who's curious. R1: You�re correct. You cannot post pix on SMTnet. Please email me t

0201 (0603) stencil spec

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 08:16:58 EDT 2014 | emeto

It really depends on pad design and other component on the PCB. Most of the time I run 0201s I have microBGAs on the board and usually print 3mil. Reduction will depend on the paste. For leaded paste you will have reduction (about 10% or so).For Lea

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 21:33:12 EDT 2002 | davef

Tough to say based on what you have told us. Things to Determine are: * Is the heat at the solder connections that are not reflowing properly adequate? * Is the pad surface of the solder connections that are not reflowing properly solderable?

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 13:38:35 EDT 2002 | finepitch

Yannick, If we leave the 201 issue aside; have you checked where those BGA pads are connected to? Could those be power/ground balls connected to large (difficult to heat up) planes by any chance? Erhan

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