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Re: dpmo

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 15:04:13 EDT 2000 | Dirk McCoy

I have heard the following from various sources (that I believe) that apply to volume manufacturers as of late last year: dpmo with BGAs- 300 dpmo with .020" pitch- 75 dpmo with 0402s and .020" pitch- 40 Our lines run around 90-200, but have some p

0402 resistors and capacitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 07:23:37 EDT 2001 | cath

Has anyone caried out a DPM analysis on these components. I would be interested to know the defect rates and other assoc. placement issues as we have never placed them before. Thanks, cath

Fuji CP4 and 0402 placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 12:18:59 EDT 2003 | vortex

First off is your CP4 0402 ready? Before we could begin placing 0402's we had to have a vision upgrade. Once you have that or are sure your machine can handle 0402 then you will have to get 8x2 feeders. There may be a way to rig an 8x4 feeder but i'm

0402 Components and Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 14:05:59 EDT 2000 | Mike McMonagle

With 0402 components becoming more common today outside of the telecommunications industry, our company is qualifying equipment and processes for an upcoming product incorporating 0402s. Having used 0402s in a previous position, I am planning a DOE o

Fuji CP4 and 0402 placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 07:07:39 EDT 2003 | qp1

Please your comments for placing 0402 on CP4? Which are the difficulties to expect and how to threat them? How to adapt the feeders for the smaller interdistance of the tape?? Thanks

smt common pad 0402 and 1206 package

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 08:47:05 EDT 2016 | davef

You're correct. This design will have a record amount of 0402 rework for tombstoning and misalignments. Suggest that the pads on each end of all components be the same size in order to balance wetting forces during reflow.

Can CSM84V and CSM84VZ do 0402 ???

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 22:54:51 EDT 2006 | Darby

Short answer is - not really. According to the manual in Chapter 1-5 Supply devices (Feeders) overview "There are also available an 8mm tape feeder which handles 1005(0402) square chips". I have never seen one. The problem is that even an H nozzle is

smt common pad 0402 and 1206 package

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 06:51:55 EDT 2016 | abhilash4788

Hi All, One of my customer has provided a pcb design having common pad for 0402 and 1206 package(i.e 3 pads in the gerber, pad1,pad2 belongs to 1206 package and pad2,pad3 belongs to 0402 package) Will this create any solderability issue. Is anyone e

0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 15:07:40 EDT 2008 | jemills

Hello I have a new 0402 pad design on a recent board were building in future. On closer look i thought the pad was a thru hole mount , but upon closer inspection the round pads are for 0402 comps. I had a discussion with the engineer and he said

0402 tombstoning and dewetting on QFP256 trade-off

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 16:17:38 EST 2009 | aj

whats your board finish?

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