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Re: dpmo

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 15:04:13 EDT 2000 | Dirk McCoy

I have heard the following from various sources (that I believe) that apply to volume manufacturers as of late last year: dpmo with BGAs- 300 dpmo with .020" pitch- 75 dpmo with 0402s and .020" pitch- 40 Our lines run around 90-200, but have some p

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 18:54:34 EST 2007 | russ

We use DPMO when talking to customer and yield when trying to figure out how to make more money in the shop. Does that make sense? Russ

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 20:31:21 EST 2007 | Ben_T

Have you thought about an AOI system? With the system we have where I work, I'm able to run queries that'll tell me DPMO, yield, and pass/fail rates on a board level, part level, and opportunity level. Furthermore, this data can be broken down to see

SMT Line Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 20:08:48 EST 2002 | davef

Comments are: * Some people use calibrated boards and components to remove sources of variation when using their CMM to measure placement accuracy. Sources of supply are listed in the fine SMTnet Archives. * It�s unclear that a single board will mee


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 21:46:01 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

In the past year I was responsible for developing and leading a Team focused on AOI, Evaluation, Justification, and with a full ROI required, supporting a HMLV manufacturing environment. If you have in these economic times the additional resources t


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