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Having issues placing 0603 components on my used Juki 740...

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 11 07:40:11 EDT 2016 | spoiltforchoice

I don't know your machine but you are looking at the most likely areas. Some machines define a placement pressure, other may define an overtravel to make sure the device is firmly placed on the board. There are usually also timings for when the vacuu

SMT Heal Issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 18:12:47 EDT 2011 | asksmt

Hi, what kind of issues i could get if the i do not provide heal properly in my footprint ? In my current design 0603 resistor package footprint heal is missing by 3 mils each side Please help

X5R dielectric aging

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 15:03:46 EDT 2009 | rway

We have recently begun using X5R dielectric capacitors. Although they have a better temperature coefficient over Y5V, they age much faster (5-7% logarithmically per decade). I assume the reason for using the X5R was the availability of the capacita

U Shaped Aperatures

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 15:27:21 EST 2003 | robert valles

Sounds like someone before you was dealing with tombstoning components. We have had greater success with triangular paeratures for 0603 and 0402 footprints. Granted the pad will not be wetted completly but IPC requirements are maintained.

ReFlow Vs Wave (using Red Glue) Soldering.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 11:21:14 EDT 2011 | asksmt

Hello Guru's, I am using IPC-7351 LP Calulator to design Footprint (0603, 0805, 1206, SOT-23, etc) for all SMT Parts. Our Production Recently commented that they have included Red Glue Machine inhouse and will use Wave Soldering for Both Thru-hol

0603's on 0805 pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 17:54:59 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

We're trying out 0603 packages on some 0805 footprints (at this stage only on some test boards) since our vendor tells us the 0805's are going to be getting harder to get, and more expensive to pay for. I understand the IPC footprint for the two is

Chip capacitor size - Fuji CP6

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 04:20:49 EDT 2006 | Rob

Hi Mika, I used to work for the largest chip cap manufacturer in the world, and by far the largest problem we would see was cracking due to incorrect z height adjustment on Chipshooters. It can also cause solderballs and bad joints by displacing th

Mirtec MV-2HTL programming: Easily fails parts a bit rotated?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 14:25:43 EST 2011 | rodrigo

Hi all, This machine is pretty good. Thanks to all that have been helping me out with this. I have another question ... Some PCB have footprints that are a bit larger than the actual part (0805, 0603) so they move when they go through the reflow ove

Re: wave soldering surface mount tantalum and ceramic capacitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 16 16:28:30 EST 1999 | Tuffty

| | Can anyone help me with the pros and cons of trying to wave | | solder tantalum and large (1812) ceramic capacitors. I do | | know that one may see fractures on larger cermaic caps, but have not seen much on the tantalums. Any insight as to what

mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 17 10:24:17 EST 2007 | etienne

Hi, I can give my opinion in this topic since I worked with both machines. To say the truth, I would recommend neither machine. First of all, operating software is much quite the same for both machines. The TP9 is true that has a larger footprint ov


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