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0603's on 0805 pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 17:54:59 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

We're trying out 0603 packages on some 0805 footprints (at this stage only on some test boards) since our vendor tells us the 0805's are going to be getting harder to get, and more expensive to pay for. I understand the IPC footprint for the two is

SMT solder pad design for hand soldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 19 12:00:07 EDT 2003 | modeltech

I am completely new to SMT design and for my next project I plan to use SMT for the first time. Since production volumes of the PCB's will be low, hand soldering is definitely an option, and will be necessary for my prototype PCB assembly. My proble

0603 component on 0805 pad & vice-versa

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 29 06:33:49 EST 2012 | amitsindwani

Please define the defect in following conditions & link to IPC 610 clause/sub-clause no.: 1. 0603 component placed on 0805 PCB pad 2. 0805 component placed on 0603 PCB pad 3. 1206 component placed on 1210 PCB pad and 4. 1210 component placed on 1206

Maximum Track Width for 0805 components Land

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 10:58:49 EDT 2001 | davef

If your words imaged correctly, it seems a bit strange to have a trace that is wider than the pad where it connects, because we�re used to seeing a narrower trace connecting to a wider pad. It�s tough to determine what the designer was thinking abou

lousy wetting of 0805 film caps

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 10:58:44 EDT 2001 | Ryan Jennens

Steve- We had the same trouble with 0805 Panasonic film caps. We had some tombstoning and open solder joints (non-wetting). We found two problems...like you, we changed our pad design to meet their recommendation. Also, they were able to suppl

BGA pad design

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 27 00:36:02 EST 2015 | slouis2014

I just encountered a BGA design were in, underneath the BGA is a silkscreen that covered the entire bottom of the component except for the copper pads. Can you give any information and advice for this type of design.

0306 pad design

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 09:01:27 EST 2002 | russ

Greetings, Does anybody out there have any experience with 0306 capacitors (not 0603). I am trying to find a pad design for this component. I have searched the archives to no avail. The component is .06 long by .03 wide with .007" solder terminat

BGA pad design

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 04:01:46 EST 2016 | slouis2014

Thanks alot for the info

BGA pad design

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 04 23:15:45 EST 2015 | mac5

You say that there is no green solder mask around the lands of the BGA only silk screen. If that is the case I would be concerned about the solderabilty of the component if the silk screen gets onto the pads. The application of solder mask is much mo

0306 pad design

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 12:12:12 EST 2002 | russ

Thanks Dave, I was looking in the Murata data base and couldn't even find the part (Even though they are the ones making it)let alone the pad dims. This part looks like it could be fun anyway. Russ

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