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Philips Topaz manuals

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 23 02:57:00 EDT 2014 | vdprs

Format file is not damaged, it just ends with a chapter 10. Content indicates the chapters 1-17.

TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 24 15:30:07 EST 2006 | pima

hello Everybody I would like to ask you for advise. I'm fighting with correct placing one of capacitors in TNT-A package at CP-6 machine. Size of this component is: L=3,4 mm W=1,7 H=1,7 Its Tantalium with J-lead. I use for this component vision type

TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 02:30:18 EST 2007 | _____

Ahh yes, 254. Don't give up on the other vision types. 254 can give you skewing as well. Your width and height are awfull close. Even with the 0.5 tolerance it is using the tolerance and saying that it is OKAY. Maybe what you measure is 1.8mm for wit

BGA process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 17 08:17:50 EDT 2008 | edmaya33

5 mil stencil.instead of round, use diamond aperture. RSS profile @ 215�C peak temp on balls(Sn/Pb), with a total of 3.5 minutes profile lenght.Ramp rate at 1.7�C/sec from ambient to 160�C. Consider also good cooling system on reflow. If rework proc

Fine Pitch Printing Issues

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 13:11:12 EDT 2010 | deanm

A guideline that I use agrees with MikeS: For 20mil pitch, apertures should be 9-10mil with a stencil thickness of 5-6mils to achieve an acceptable aspect ratio of 1.7. Just be sure you are using a mesh Type 3 or 4 solder paste. Otherwise, larger par

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 22:35:23 EDT 2012 | jacktan

I have encountered PCB delam issue with high density PCB. PCB has 42 layers , 5 mm thickness ,laminate material is NelcoN4000-13EP,Tg 210C and Td 350C. Have pre-bake at 125 c for 12 hrs before assy.My reflow temp is standard with 243 peak and TAL is

What rework station you recommend?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 02:57:49 EDT 2019 | pauljohnson

My friend said DH-A2 rework station is popular and stable.You can learn more about it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dinghua-Automatic-Motherboard-Repairing-Replacement/dp/B00K081DJY/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=bga+machine&qid=1553151363&s=gateway&sr=8-7

Solder bridges on TQFP 100 part

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 08 22:41:30 EDT 2019 | orbitcoms

The pick n place height for component was set to 1.4mm but I had not allowed for pin thickness. I added this (total height now 1.6mm) and I get very few solder bridges now. I might try 1.7 and see if it makes any further differnce

Flex embedded into FR4

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 07:52:44 EDT 2003 | davef

The permeability of polyamide film (Kapton) is 54 g/sq m/mil/day and the total absorption is 2.8 wt%. The absorption rate changes rapidly over time with a large percentage occurring in the first 5 minutes and nearly reaching completion in 30 min to

Mother-Daughter boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 09:07:43 EST 2002 | PeteC

Looking at low cost reliable Mother-Daughter board interfaces. Looking at having the Mom w/ a routed out slot, like 1.7mm wide with solder lands on the bottom side then plugging in Daughter thru Mom's slot w/ the Daughter having board edge contacts t

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