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Prototype SMT Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 09:05:52 EST 2015 | bandjwet

We are in need of a small SMT printer able to double sided boards with an emphasis on fast changeover and the ability to have board supports. Our typical lot size is 1-20 pieces of rigid boards with technologies down to 0.5mm pitch and 0201's.

Looking for feeders for Philips CSM60 PP machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 14:25:08 EST 2000 | Sergey

Dear Sirs Good business day! I need the following feeders for CSM60 machine: - Stick feeders: 1. 20 mm x 1 2. 13 mm x 3 3. 8mm x 7 - Tape feeders: 1. 16 mm, 9" x 7 you seems to be have not this 2. 24 mm, 9" x 3 3. 32mm, 9" x 1 - Manual tray feeder

Re: Component Package Specs

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 14:43:54 EST 2000 | JAX

Doug, Jedec has this info. Here is a few for you to use. LENGTH, L+LEADS, WIDTH, W+LEADS, PITCH, AVG. HEIGHT. 1. CQFP100AC: 17.28,22.35,17.28,22.35,.635,4.92 2. CQFP100AF: 32.52,37.59,32.52,37.59,1.27,4.92 3. PQFP100AD: 19.05,22.35,19.05,22.35,.

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 11:06:27 EST 2003 | slthomas

Always a joy to see a stencil cleaner thread get opened up....lots of varying opinions as to what's needed, best, environmentally sound, etc. We use an ultrasonic batch cleaner that uses a detergent (dilute to 1:10 or 1:20, can't remember), then bo

0402 placement with Mydata machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 22:55:59 EDT 2004 | pdeuel

We started placing 0402 with regular feeders and wasted every other part untill we got the correct feeders. The cost for most parts runs less than 1/20 th of a cent. Reels come in quanities of 10,000 instead of 5,000. You will also need the correct t

Axial Sequencer 2596

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 12:17:46 EDT 2019 | jstebbs89

Hello lads. I run a Sequencer 2596 and have had good luck. Just recently it sounds like air is not making it into the machine. With the machine palmed down it has the required 55-60psi going in, when I release the Estop the psi drops to about 30 and

LED Misalignment

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 22 18:17:14 EDT 2022 | swilson

Hello I experiencing major misalignments. I am using a Nichia LED package size@ y=.086,x=0.33mm, with recommended solder pad pattern x.086mm, y=.033. Note here is the kicker the PCB pattern does not meet this requirement. The PCB pad landing is based

Puzzling CSM84VZ errors, #118 and #120

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 07 15:05:16 EST 2011 | tpappano

Hi Jeff, This machine (my unit #2) has a couple programs that execute just fine, but when I added additional mounts to one of them I got the "120"error. When I added another new program, the "118" error showed up, and of course, everything in all t

Quad oven-Need "offset.exe" s/w to calibrate temperature offsets

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 06 14:29:14 EDT 2015 | cadco

Update 6 Oct 15: We have completely re-configured the oven PID boards such that everything is now visible on the oven by the s/w and all is now OK since the "Machine"card is now recognized. We have just one additional procedure to do and that is to

Re: vacant facility available for manufacturing -PLEASE READ!

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 10:09:16 EDT 1999 | Eric Maddy

| I am currently an employee of Cabeltron Systems in Ohio. Our manufacturing divisions have been outsourced to Celestica, strictly a business deal. No hard feelings there. Our building is located in Southern Ohio and will soon be vacant with 300 peop

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