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BGA Qualification

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 05:01:30 EST 1999 | Patrick Wong

I am task to qualifiy a process for BGA with 560 bumbs and is 1.3" width and if possible also to determine if nitrogen is necessary. BUT I do not know that are the test required and what standard should I follow. I know I will have to reflow the BGA

gsm software question

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 28 11:17:34 EST 1999 | g cronin

quick question is it possible to place BGA's with a GSM running software version 1.3.5? thank you

Juki Laser Alignment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 14 16:59:24 EDT 2013 | leeg

Cheers again. So if the bga is 1mm thick and with the balls 1.3 mm thick I should set the component height at 0.9 to be sure of cotrectly centering on the body ?

BGA opens

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 14 16:35:48 EST 2007 | Austin

I have several boards built at various CM's. We have prototype builds with some JTAG failures on BGA's (1-3 failures with qty 3, 1500 pin BGA's). CM's always claim reflow profiles look good. X-ray does not show bridges and they claim it looks good, b

place BGA by FUJI IP3

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 22 22:14:54 EDT 2002 | Gang shen

the case is that FUJI IP3 failed to place BGA ,when it is processing the BGA vision ,often occours the alert message. Our oprating system is MCS30,the software version is v1.3. anyone encounter the same problem? it is be appciatiate that feedback any

Wave Soldering Ceramic PCB's - a result

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 06:16:30 EDT 2001 | JohnW

Ok so an update on the ceramic board. I've had some success but did have to cheet a little. So Dave, on the fluxing, your right we're not getting it all the way up the barrel and in the end as a short term fix we're dipping the lead's in flux not th

HIP defect in BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 09 07:23:04 EDT 2020 | ameenullakhan

Hi Team, Please help in suggesting stencil aperture opening for the 0.4 mm pitch BGA. PAD Diameter is 0.24mm. we have 0201 components also in same board. We have HIP in this BGA. Solder paste : Alpha Om5300 ( PB+ solder paste ) type 4 We have tr

Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 28 23:11:52 EDT 2002 | caldon

Sam - If I owned Cal Driscoll Electronics and were looking for a rework system a few things I would consider: 1) Convection is key (IR as an under heater or pre heat is ok but not as the main heat source). 2)programming simple? User Friendly and easy

BGA Short

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 25 12:23:49 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Hi Experts, I'm facing short problem with BGA at SRT rework in one particular BGA. It is BGA, with a metal piece at the center like a coin. The BGA is located in between two high profile press fit connectors and the short always observed at the si

Re: PBGA Criteria

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 18:10:11 EDT 2000 | ptvianc

Philip: Cases 1-3, those criteria may be specified in more recent versions of ANSI/J-STD-001 and/or ANSI/IPC-A-610. Unfortunately, I do not have any new versions of these specs. that may cover these points. As for voids in BGA joints, I have not

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