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Large Area Stencil Printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 11:58:49 EDT 2008 | davef

Four Points supplies materials to stencil fabricators. Four Points, SMT Stencil Supply: Standard Frame Sizes 8" x 10" I.D. Cast Aluminum 12" x 12" I.D. Cast Aluminum 15" x 15" I.D. Cast Aluminum 12" x 17" I.D. Cast Aluminum 15" x 15" I.D. Cast Alu

Looking for 93.5 PB 3 SN 1.5 AG

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 09:29:24 EST 2004 | Joel Dudley

I'm hoping to find someone out there who has some no clean, 93.5 PB, 3 SN, 1.5 AG, .015 Diameter. If you have some and are willing to part with it please let me know.

Looking for 93.5 PB 3 SN 1.5 AG

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 09:58:44 EST 2004 | davef

This is a perculiar alloy. Usually, the portions of each metal in the alloy sum to 100. Yours sums to 98. Could you be seeking 93.5Pb 5Sn 1.5Ag? It is more available.

Solder Paste Problem (M705)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 20:57:53 EST 2005 | Ooi

What u meant by change every 1.5 day ( Expose to enviroment 1.5 day) ?

zsct1555 timer problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 14 00:38:45 EST 2001 | jarvis76

Does anyone have experience with the zsct1555 timer chip made by Zetex? I can't seem to get it to oscillate properly. My values for vcc and components are as follows: Vcc=1.5v Ra=220 ohm Rb=3200 ohm Ct=100uf OR..... If you know of any other chips

SMT Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 05:18:21 EDT 2005 | mattkehoe

USE SIPAD ssd. 195.00 gets you 1-5 boards. www.sipad.com

PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 21 20:41:49 EST 2016 | epcb2016

1.5mm pad is not so ok in practice. You may expand the size to 2.0mm.

Topaz X Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 10:57:39 EDT 2017 | sarason

Are you sure he didn't mean CAD2CAD 1.5 ? sarason

Printing problem, water soluble paste with gold plating PCB..

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 18:52:43 EDT 2001 | Brian W.

You did not provide the stencil thickness or your aspect ratio. If your aspect ratio (Aperture width/stencil thickness) is less than 1.5, the paste will not release correctly from the aperture, leaving paste in the aperture. For example, if your pa

Re: 1 mil or 25 um trace width

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 10:11:41 EDT 1999 | Cunli

| Can anyone in this world produce such small PCB/PWB trace widths? Lots of theory so far, but have not found anyone yet who can do it in practice. | Dan, I have seen boards with 3 mil pitch (that is 1.5 mil trace and 1.5 mil spacing) in quantity

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