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Re: Convection Oven and thermo profiling of Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 24 14:08:19 EDT 2000 | Finepitch Services

My agreement with all this started by Arturo's message... Just as a reminder, I guess he suggested to have still "one profile per board" which I completely agree... So, Board #(1,600) could be using a Recipe #(1,10) but it should still be saved as

Low Price Thermal profiler

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 14:36:01 EDT 1998 | Claudio Carnevali

We are an italian electronic company and we assembly th & smd (http:\\www.mobilia.it\egs). We know that you need a thermal profiler but without sopending a fortune. We made TOM300 and easy & powerful profiler that you can buy at about 1,600 USD compl

Cheap thermal profiler (..looking for distributors!! )

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 07 05:35:50 EST 1998 | Claudio Carnevali

We have made a cheap thermal profiler (1.600USD) for reflow systems. The range of T is 50..300�C, 4probes,4 samples for each second and Win95 software. We are looking to export the product and I'd like to have distributors all over the world. If you

BGA Rework Using Laser Selective Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 21:41:20 EST 2005 | James Khor

You can using Ersa IR550A Rework System. The unit was NOT using any hot air process. IR550A Rework System is worldwide the only system with a genuine closed loop control system. Which employs the current temperature at the component in order to regul

Re: Solder paste inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 10 22:18:02 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

I am trying to get an idea of what system seems to work best for >solder paste inspection. I am looking for basic table top >models with he capabilites of height and width measurements. >Can anyone give me suggestions, pricing and why you prefer on


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