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Stencil-PCB Alignment Mehods - Printing process

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 11 22:49:23 EST 2011 | darby

7mm FOV with graduations of 0.05mm. They'll cost around $100 - $150. Fun for measuring other "stuff" as well. Enjoy yourself amigo and you're right, printin' is REAL important.

Asahi Viromet Lead Free Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 17:56:18 EST 2007 | darby

Tested recently on ENIG finish. profile as follows 100-150, 57 sec. 150 210, 46 sec. 210 + , 63 sec. Peak 231. This profile was developed for this paste as per Asahi literature. Operator said it "looked wet and smelled good"! Print quality was excel

Inspection and splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 13:11:25 EST 2006 | SWAG

We have fought with cut-tape way too much. It's always a bad idea. We've tried a couple methods/devices for manual splice with limited success. Before you look into this I would ask them if they could supply you cut tape qty's inslusive of fairly

Asahi Viromet Lead Free Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 19:27:48 EST 2007 | Wayne

Yes, I am currently using Viromet 347 at the moment for my SMT lines. 100-150, 35 sec 150-207, 40 sec 207-above, 80 sec peak temp: 225 deg C. It is compatible to SAC paste in term of solderability and wettability. But in term of mechanical property (


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 11:01:28 EDT 2005 | davef

Xilinx recommended reflow ||Sn-Pb Eutetic||Sn-Pb Eutetic ||Pb-Free||Pb-Free Profile Feature||Large Body||Small Body||Large Body||Small Body Average ramp-up rate (TL-TP), *C/seconds max||3||3||3||3 Preheat - Temperature Min (Tsmin), *C||100||100||150|

profile vitronics 500s for lead free solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 20:02:37 EDT 2012 | hegemon

Lead Free in 5 zones is tough sledding. Start with your manufacturers solder reflow profile and calculate your belt speed by looking at the recommended heating time for the solder paste vs. the length of your heated zones. Set your belt speed so tha

SMT Production Performance Metrics

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 26 19:27:04 EST 2010 | dcell_1t

you can find a very helpful guide here... http://www.oee.com/pdf/oee-pocket-guide.pdf We basically have a database where operator input the boards produced per hour and if he can't reach the "standard" he can input a downtime issue and assign to a


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