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Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 04 20:03:37 EST 2005 | stepheniii

Not sure, but I would guess we used less than 100, 500 gram jars last year. Next year probably double or triple that. I think for the first 6 months of operation or so (before I started) they were pretty much using only samples. Nowhere near what a

Compressor for Pick and Place line

Electronics Forum | Thu May 21 06:15:46 EDT 2020 | bukas

everything Stephen said + it is really important that you have correct diameter pipes. If diameter is too small there will be a significant pressure drop in pipes (and machines have their consumption 100-500 NL - normal liters / min) and pipe system

High mix low volume

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 14:18:41 EDT 2008 | pima

Anyway thanks for any input from you Guys. Because at the moment we are trying to connect some products on one SMT platform (some short run about 100-500 boards from one product and changeover )and I just want to listen about ur experience with any k


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