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PCBA Time Estimation Formula

Feb 20, 2020 | I'm mostly looking at the time so that I can schedule. Basically I'm looking at running 1000 panels

YesTech YTV-1000 AOI issues

Aug 2, 2018 | I'm going off fuzzy memories for a YTV-2000 but its probably not too different for the 1000... Th

YesTech YTV-1000 AOI issues

Aug 2, 2018 | Hey I'm having some issues with a YesTech YTV-1000 AOI machine. The machine isn't recognizing the X

Universal Motion dignanostic CD version 10.00

May 17, 2017 | Hi Anyone having the Motion diagnostic software CD version 10.00 for Universal machine ( Advanti

Cencorp TR1000 Router intermittently freezing up

Oct 29, 2014 | We have a Cencorp TR1000 Router that has been recently having problems. Frequently it will freeze u

Microscope for looking at BGA cross section.

Jun 2, 2014 | Try the VPI-1000 by Easy Braid. Solid choice with great customer feedback.

Samsung CP11 manuals

Mar 26, 2013 |

J. T. NS-1000 II Reflow Oven

Mar 23, 2012 | I have J. T. NS-1000 II reflow oven and our hard drive crashed. does anyone has software which this

Looking for opinions on YesTech YTV-1000 AOI Inspection Systems

Aug 27, 2009 | We have an opportunity to purchase a Yestech YTV-1000 AOI machine. I am looking for opinions on how

Advantek ATR-1000 Repair Needed in Atlanta

Aug 14, 2009 | I need an experienced technician in the Atlanta area to repair an Advantek ATR-1000 tape & reel mach

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Aug 13, 2009 | Dear Doug, Do you still have a TR1000 that you would be interested in selling? If so, please giv

X5R dielectric aging

Jun 1, 2009 |

Building RF Power Transistors Test fixtures

Nov 17, 2008 | Continuing with the idea of capping the via with SR1000: If you have boards in-stock that will requi

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Sep 17, 2008 | I have an excess TR1000 available. Bought it from Cencorp for a project 8 years ago and we changed

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Aug 27, 2008 | Our Cencorp TR1000 PCB router is down with a fault on the KaVo Type 4444 converter that reads "888.8

AOI false fail PPM

Jul 29, 2008 | PPM on AOI, this is our metric for false fail on AOI machines. Our target is 1000 ppm but I'm not

Cable Testers

Sep 27, 2007 | Cirris are inexpensive. About $1000.00 for 128 points. Cab buy on Ebay used.


Sep 25, 2006 | 1000 Lumen per meter squared minimum per J-Std-001D 4.2.3

SONY SI-E1000 problems!

Aug 1, 2006 |

Opinions about AOI Machines

Mar 3, 2006 | I agree! We have a 2000 and 1000 table top.

Opinions about AOI Machines

Feb 15, 2006 | All I can say is YESTECH: most bang for the buck!!!! We have both the 1000 and 2000

SONY SI-E1000 problems!

Feb 10, 2006 |

MPM SPM Camera

Aug 17, 2005 | Call Techniquip. Tey helped me out last time I had that problem for unser 1000.00

US based Fast Turn board shop

Aug 16, 2005 | Try Flextron Assembly at 630-766-1000. They may be able to help you.

I'm back in the saddle, and it's a ....

May 25, 2005 | Steve, Use the 1000 as a chip shooter only (and thats if it works once you turn it on). If you have

X-Ray Recommendations

May 19, 2005 | we have a VJ Electronics 1000 LP not bad..

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Mar 21, 2005 | RoHS Substance||RoHS MCV Limits||Typical Testing Approaches Lead||1000 ppm* ||Wet chemical digestio

Surface mount Machines

Feb 5, 2005 | Hi Brad, I suggest you get in contact with Sony. http://www.sonyfa.com/si_e1000/sie1000_producth

Oxygen PPM

Dec 9, 2004 |

Solder Paste AOI

Oct 5, 2004 |

Sony SI-E1000-III & E2000

Aug 1, 2004 | Hello An asset to any production floor. I worked with the Sony the SI-E1000 and SI-E2000, The S

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