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about Yamaha YS12F component dimension

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 15:38:21 EST 2020 | compit

45 x 100 mm

defects in pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 03 20:00:47 EST 2009 | davef

Solder Mask Adhesion Pull Test Tape List IPC-TM-650 Test Method, Adhesion, Solder Resist (Mask), Tape Test Method, defines the procedure for determining the adhesion of solder resists (masks) used over melting metals, (such as solder plated

DPAK land pattern

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 10:51:20 EST 2002 | lsmith

The IPC-EM-782 reads as follows: the adjustment factor is usually intended to increase the Z dimension slightly, but brings the Z maximum up to an even equivalent. Example if Zmax is 2.100mm then you would enter an adjustment factor of .100mm. The ad


Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 22:07:15 EDT 2005 | Dhanish

Questions and answers - what Column pitch do your CCGA have ? a) 1,27 mm?b) 1.00 mm? 1.27mm - how are the PCB pad finisched ? OSP Enig? HAL? OSP - Are you using Clean or NC solder paste? Clean

Via Sizes

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 19:00:30 EST 1999 | armin

I've got a 100mm X 70 mm Dense PCB...The via holes used is 1.0 mm some are under SOIC's ...what problems that this type of via design poses ? all ideas are welcome ! thanks and regards, armin

CSP No clean residue

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 08:38:46 EST 2004 | davef

KS: You're correct. The standoff on a 1.00mm and 1.25mm BGA is high enough to allow cleaning. The standoff on 0.8mm BGA does not allow proper cleaning, even with saponifiers.

Improve quality with stencil design for inductor

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 11 05:58:13 EDT 2023 | kojotssss

Hello all, I know there are very skilled guys. Can anyone suggest a stencil design to avoid component displacement during reflow to improve tension of surface forces and selfalignment? There are cases where the inductors are shifted. All parameters

FPGAB Adapter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 01:46:24 EST 2003 | Claudia

I am looking for a FPBGA adapter (pin 256 pitch 1.00mm size 17mm x 17mm). We need the adapter to interconnect the FPBGA from the handset board to a SW test board. Question: Where can I find BGA adapter with different heights? What do we have t

Underfill Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 09:59:28 EST 2003 | Juan C. Ruiz

I would like to know how to decide what to use: a batch oven or a conventional reflow oven to cure an underfill material that require 20 min@150 C. the size of the board is 50 X 100 mm. Cycle time previous to cure is 2 minutes. The lenght of the refl

large bga (55mmx44mm) capable placement machines?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 04:45:02 EDT 2004 | Rob

Hi, Depends on where in the world you're based, but in the UK you can pick up a decent Universal GSM1 for around �12K-�15K ($20K-$27K). We place BGA's, huge fine pitch IC's, 72mm connectors etc with no problem. I believe they do up to 100mm feeder

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