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Mirae 1010

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 09:14:26 EDT 2015 | sarason

Try a more intelligent telnet program that has a few diagnostics. I dont know the Mirae machine myself but the ext thing would be to do a trace on machine operation. maybe the booting sequence has the Telnet Host( Or is it Client?) boot after the mac

Mirae 1010

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 07:06:06 EDT 2015 | namcom18

Hi I have a 1010, that I believe is not functioning correctly on startup. I have used MPS1030p, MPS1020p and mx200 machines before as a comparison. Usually with the above machines once the pc has turned on and serial communication is connected thro

Mirae 1010 problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 12:13:10 EST 2013 | leemeyer

I have a Mirae 1010 and am getting the message "FPGA 1 bad or illegal" upon initilization. Has anyone ever come across this message ? If I reboot several times I can get the machine started. Thanks

Meridian 1010 error code

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 20 18:36:42 EDT 2005 | jsloot

Does anyone have any experience with a QUAD Meridian 1010? Our company has purchased a used machine. We have it installed and running almost smoothly. Getting an error code 3487, description is "Z axis target position in motion board is strange" Anyo

Mirae 1010 problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 12:58:56 EST 2013 | bobpan

The key to figuring out mirae machine failures 'most of the time' is found in mr-terminal. Is this message from mr-terminal or is this the windows/program software error. Mirae 1010 machines have boot failure problems often. Sometimes if the z positi

Meridian 1010 error code

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 21 07:44:13 EDT 2005 | bobpan

Usually the machines come with a manual that lists the error codes. Does the error happen at random??? Is it related to one head??? What does the error say in Mr. Terminal??

Mirae 1010 problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 15:01:37 EST 2013 | leemeyer

Thanks Bob, Any idea on how to switch between the front & back monitor/keyboard. This machine doesn't have a front/back switch like my other one. i am guessing that there is a keyboard sequence that i need to hit.

Mirae 1010 problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 05:29:13 EST 2013 | bobpan

I believe but am not 100% sure on this but usually just hitting any key will change which monitor/keyboard is being used. I know for sure on the newer models it works this way. There should be a hub in the machine where keyboards/mouse/monitors run t

Quad Meridian 1010

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 17:16:04 EST 2024 | bobpan

The width motor gets power from an amplifier SPA2100S. I would check the amplifier. It also has the encoder plug into MT1 card at enc3 input.

mirae 1010 chip shooter usage

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 05 00:54:50 EST 2013 | godfather

Suresh from India, we are in process of starting production of led display module and looking for mirae 1010 chip shooter used machine, i need know whether this machine is good for production, how to get training for this machine , please help me

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