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Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue May 30 16:32:17 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Your aqueous (spray) and ultrasonic methods refer to cleaning of the stencil for storage between jobs. All others would be most common as in-process cleaning methods, whether with cloth or paper products.

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 20:05:19 EDT 2006 | Mario Berrocal

I would like to know if there is any information regarding how often to clean the stencil by the printer cleaning system. I am running a board with an ultra fine pithc QFP. Is there any guide available? Regards, Mario A. Berrocal

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 07:57:59 EDT 2006 | Bryan

Thanks to all for clarification - I now appreciate the different methodology between "in-line" & "end of run" but am still unclear as to advantages / disadvantages of paper versus non-woven material ie stencil rolls for in-line cleaning. Any info wo

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 08:20:36 EDT 2006 | davef

First, isn't paper a nonwoven? Maybe we start splitting hairs on whether paper is a 'fabric' or not, but what's the difference? Second, paper versus nonwoven fabric boils down to performance and cost. We know 'paper', but it could be 'fabric' and

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 21:35:35 EDT 2006 | davef

Ahne [?] You say, "There are almost as many ways to be successful with this as there are ways to do it wrong." What do you believe are the successful and wrong was to go about cleaning stencils after the run is finished (or temporarily interrupted)

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 13:31:30 EDT 2006 | a_laser

You can stop cleaning after a job when there is no more paste in the apertures. Under wiping should be done with a quality cloth and should leave no paste on the underside of the stencil (assures good contact on the next print and reduces chances of

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 21:56:07 EDT 2006 | davef

Stencils should be cleaned frequently enough to ensure total removal of any bottom side residues, but not so infrequently as to allow the same residues to dry or cake on, making their removal much more difficult. Look here: http://www.smtnet.com//fo

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 09:58:12 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Just to add to what dave said, the only limitation to how frequently you clean is the cost of the cleaning medium. You can wipe every board if you want to, but you'll go through material accordingly. If you're printing 16mil pitch or smaller, cleani

ionograph testing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 17:21:20 EDT 1999 | Tom Terlizzi

any advice on ionograph testing in the 1 microgram/cm^2 for small devices. We have a old Alpha 500 series machine that is dead but ALpha doesn't service this vintage machine.Any other way to perform this test, or a third party vendors to service th

Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue May 30 10:55:57 EDT 2006 | bryanhewson

I am a lay person researching the application of non-woven material in stencil rolls either using branded material or non-branded alternatives for DEK, MPM Panasonic machines in SMT environments. I have read a number of articles referring to aqueous

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