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Batch Oven Profile?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 11:23:42 EST 2000 | Jeff Sanchez

Hi everyone, I just installed a batch oven in my shop. It;s an older Advanced Techniques PRO-90. I need to know what a good and simple profile is for it. I want to run some simple double sided boards with 63/37 no clean paste. The machine of

Re: Batch Oven Profile?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 14:44:28 EST 2000 | Travis Slaughter

Your solder paste manufacturer should determine the time. As far as temperatures those will very with each board. Creating a profile comes down to trial and error, there are some nice tools that help, the MOLE profiler is one, but there are just wa

GSM Discrete I/O Address List

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 12:48:55 EST 2016 | ttheis

Hi Deni, The changers were not mounted in the UPS software; I suspect the previous owners did not use the changers in the machine at all and just kept the same nozzles in the head at all times. It was owned by TI so I think they just did one process

Re: Batch Oven Profile?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 04:46:36 EST 2000 | Jeff Sanchez

Hey Travis, Thanks for the response. I did find a simple profile to use. As you said it took alot of trial and error. I was just looking for a good place to start. As for questioning the capability of a batch reflow oven,they have good reviews f


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