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Mixed SAC105 and SAC305

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 06 03:28:52 EDT 2008 | reypal

I've got the same scenario. and I followed SAC105.

Mixed SAC105 and SAC305

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 13:12:10 EDT 2008 | yam6rider

Just like to know what you guys thoughts regarding mixed alloys. Production run SAC305 and some components are SAC105. So, which profile should you follow. SAC105? or SAC305.


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 19:58:11 EDT 2000 | Ray Choe

Dear Sir/Madam, I am currently researching a synthetic material called EP105. It is used in the PCB industry to make Millenium Fixtures (BBT). I would appreciate any help or information on this material. Thank you.

SAC105 vs. SAC305

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 08:30:27 EDT 2008 | jwentz

Yes, we are looking at using it for our solder paste. The customer mentioned wants us to test our boards and initially we've heard the SAC105 is better for "higher mechanical stressed" assemblies. Thanks for your reply!!

Looking for Wincon 1.05e disks for BTU oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 04 17:50:52 EDT 2016 | ttheis

We have a vip oven with corrupt installation apparently but still have the configuration files. Looking for 1.05e install disks if any one has a copy to fix it. Thanks

SAC105 vs. SAC305

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 19:18:53 EDT 2008 | ratsalad

We had a PCB vendor provide us with SAC105 plated HASL boards. They worked fine on the first pass through reflow. The second pass was not pretty. We couldn't get much of anything to solder to the board. That may not have been the alloy, it could

Re: Lead Free Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 04:40:15 EST 2000 | kenfong

Alan, I want a copy. Thanks. Regards, KenF

Cleaning solvent for no-clean board.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 14:58:03 EDT 2002 | Ron Costa

Petroferm BioAct 105 works well for Indiums SMQ-92J

Determining appropriate FPY goals?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 16 09:41:52 EDT 2003 | russ

I believe that this is discussed in such documents as MIL STD 105, or other statistical sampling plan specifications. Russ

Soldering problem on BGA with SAC105 bump

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 06:33:38 EST 2008 | reypal

The attached photo from cross section. (like head in pillow)

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