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Need help on PCBA Cleanliness Standards and Specs

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 26 12:44:55 EST 2003 | caldon

Dave- Mark Thaler is no longer at ACI/EMPF. He left a few Years Back. Best to use Guy Ramsey gramsey@aciusa.org 610-362-1200 x 107 Cal

Philips LCS Vacuum Pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 20 13:47:58 EDT 2005 | KEN

...those are ESD foam rings. ....and their $107 each. ...and I'm in the wrong business. How many a month do you use?

Wave Changeover-Hints -Tips?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 11:06:59 EDT 2006 | Rob

We get SACX or the equivilent (99/0.7/0.3) for about 10.7 Euro's if that helps.

Dek 260 screen printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 12:15:44 EDT 2012 | eps

We are looking for an English version eprom ( XP116 V1.07 )of a Dek 260 screen printer can anyone help

Universal GSM1 startup error

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 03 15:51:06 EDT 2015 | amrsalama

I have the same problem and while using logicomm it gives an error message (FC107F24) !!! how can I read this error to address the problem ???

Universal GSM1 startup error

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 06 20:18:27 EDT 2015 | edwaterfall01

With the address of FC107F24 I would look at the Slot 11 UIMC board. Try swapping with another Radisys Board. Check jumpers, changing one jumper only on each board.

Headers and SMT

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 30 12:45:19 EDT 2015 | atekcare

Selective Soldering machine depending on your volume? Happy to help find economical solution for you. Just contact us at alan@atekllc.com or call 720-532-5100 x107

Batch Cleaner Closed Loop YES!!! / NO!!! / MAYBE???

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 10:09:24 EST 2002 | PeteC

The Electrovert AquaJet w/ Closed-Loop runs like $63K to $107, depending on the AJ config. The AJ is like the only batch machine I've seen that is not a glorified dish washer. Justification depends on your application. The batch system takes less spa

Gloves for conformal coat masking

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 11:36:57 EDT 2010 | davef

Ansell ANS 11-100 HYFLEX (ESD) static dissipative coated Size||Ansell p/n||Techni-Tool p/n 7||ANS111007||328PR107 8||ANS111008||328PR108 9||ANS111009||328PR109 10||ANS1110010||328PR110

Quad IVc Feeder Base Electrical

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 05:35:56 EST 2012 | ngineer

If anyone else reads this because they blew up a feeder like mine, an appropriate capacitor for replacement is : Kemet T491D107K006AT Which you can find at mouser, or probably digi-key or newark. This is for the larger capacitors, i think they're

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