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Fuji CP-643E

Fuji CP-643E

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1999 Fuji CP-643E SMT Pick & Place Approx Dimensions: 16'2" x 78" x 76" Location: Jasper, IN USA Serial: 1108 Features: o 4800 Vision Card o Narrow and Wide Camera o Capable of 0402 Component part placement o Pam Data Provided o Copy of Machine Prop

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Juki JUKI  JM-20 JM2 5G1090 year2012

Juki JUKI JM-20 JM2 5G1090 year2012

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JUKI  JM-20 JM2 5G1090 year2012 JUKI  JM-20  JM2 5G1090 2012 JUKI  JM-20  JM2 6F1137 2012 h

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Fuji for sales...........

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Many Fuji Sparr parts for sales.. No Part No. Description Qty. Machine 1 GPH4580 HOLDER 7 CP43 2 MPH0472 PISTON 19 CP43 3 GPL1200 PIN 8 CP43 4 S1046A CIR-CLIP WR19 10 CP43 5 PPQ1020 PIN,LOCATING 1 CP43 6 GXT2333 HOLDER,PIN 2 CP43 7 MPA5031 COLLAR 2 C

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