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Electronics Forum | Wed May 15 11:07:45 EDT 2002 | slthomas

I've never had an E4 quoted (obligatory disclaimer), but I would expect them to be somewhere in the $90k-$110k range based on what they were quoting for E5's, plus whatever options you want. From what little I know about MPM's and DEK's, the EKRA's

PCBA Depanelers

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 14:02:04 EDT 2019 | atsi

Does anybody know why PCB routers are so (relatively) expensive? I have got quotes on 5 or 6 different standalone routers with the cheapest being a little less than $70K and the most expensive being $110K. This is as much or more than we paid for a


Electronics Forum | Wed May 15 15:55:52 EDT 2002 | swagner

The Dek Infinity will cost you anywhere from $170-$210k dependant on option, I.E. gold camera, form flex support tooling, proflow printhead, paste inspection and aperature inspection all drive the cost of this machine. The only MPM I have quoted lat

Need Help With Selecting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 09 14:20:17 EDT 2006 | greatexpectations

Hi, This setup was recommended. Target is 20,000 board output per day FUJI GL-541 Glue Dispenser (USED) 32K FUJI GL 641 SCREEN PRINTER (USED) 57K CP-643E CHIP SHOOTER 255K (150 FEEDERS) FUJI QP-242E IP3 110K REFLOW 8 ZONE (IS THIS ANY GOOD) 4

X-Ray, inspection voltage, voltage blooming

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 09:38:58 EST 2014 | pavel_murtishev

Hello, I am trying to estimate hole filling after PiH process using phoenix x|aminer X-Ray Machine. The question is how to select correct inspection voltage? Inspecting at 60kV 40uA all PiH holes appear to be completely black, that means completely


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