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2275 Gen Rad Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 14:14:02 EST 2001 | chugarth

I recently purchased a 2275 Gen Rad In Circuit Tester. It was orginally thought that we would get the Test fixture and Test program from the current board manufacturer. Now it doesn't look like that is so. Is there anyone besides Gen Rad that makes f

2275 Gen Rad Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 17:28:03 EST 2001 | colin

There used to be a company in Wales UK, called AB Electroics they did a lot of modifications and fixturing for Genrad 2275. their address is Abercynnon, (Pronounced Abercannon) Wales UK Phone number is int + 44 1443 740331 (I think)

2275 Gen Rad Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 20:17:19 EST 2001 | davef

Programmers are: Intrinsic Quality (HP≥nRad) 708.259.5060fax5399 Solution Sources Programming (HP≥nRad) 408-487-0270 Fax 0288 Modem 0287 http://www.ssprog.com They will be happy to suggest fixture fabricators

Re: Video monitor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 10 20:38:55 EST 2001 | Dave F

If John's suggestions don't work, try: * Computer & Monitor Maintenance 6649 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Ste N-1 Norcross, GA 30092 770-242-0500 Chuck Miller * Jerry Christopher 1119 South St. Dalton, MA 01226 413-684-3821 gerard@bcn.net Sorry they're no

Re: SPC?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 18:24:36 EDT 2000 | Dave F

James: Here's a starting point: 1 www.wwnet.net/~rkroy/wp-inb.html 2 www.sas.com/otherprods/jmp/Home.html 3 www.micromeg.com/ 4 Boeing SQC (avail. from Boeing for $100) is a good little package for DOS machines. 5 For Windows, SPC KISS from Air Aca

SMT Tooling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 09:51:44 EST 2012 | davef

We don't know anyone that provides the services that you're seeking. But the following companies provide a somewhat simalar service and may be able to give you a lead to find the company that you seek Services, Tape, Die cutting * Saunders East; 111


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