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Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 12:27:52 EDT 2017 | action_101

If anyone has any GPD CF9 die sets available for sale, then please contact me. A few specific sets I am looking for are the following: 905-1120C 905-3LA Thanks

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Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 01 12:50:38 EST 2001 | slthomas

I side (not that we every actually choose sides here) with the other poster re: reducing solder volume. There is a solder manufacturer that advertises regularly in trade mags. that there are "Absolutely! NONE....NIL....NADA.....mid chip beading/mic

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Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 17:04:22 EST 2001 | williamh

Hello all, I am having a problem with solder balls on chip resistors and chip capacitors. I have searched the archives and found some information concerning solder balls but have a couple more questions. 1. What is the realistic industry standard f

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Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 17:45:37 EST 2001 | dason_c

Hi! William, please check the new IPC-A-610 Rev C, para 12.4.10 for the soldeirng anomalies. Most of them may consider as process indicator and not the defect. The most common method to elimate the solder ball is to reduce the solder volume by red

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Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 07:26:26 EST 2001 | doctord

Bill, I can give you suggestions. First and foremost. Print a board and look under a microscope. Are you printing exactly on the pads? If you print on the mask, no matter how good we got the profile, no matter what paste we would get solder balls. Mo

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Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 17:07:56 EDT 2002 | davef

Troubles, troubles, troubles. If it weren�t for bad luck, I wouldn't no luck at all, eh? Tough business. Comments on your trouble are: * On machine vision errors from less than ideal capacitors: This is life. Reprogram your machine to either wid


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