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Dek265 GSX Vision hardware error

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 05:44:43 EST 2019 | hemantpang23

Thanks for your reply We checked all the hardware found ok voltages are as per specifications Suspecting software issue but don't have software for installation Please confirm if you have this software version 04.03 so that we can have last try

Dek Printer 265Lt - Vision hardware error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 12 01:14:46 EST 2019 | sabeti

Hello Everybody, I have a problem with a DEK 265Lt, during downloading the vision, I get this error message: Vision hardware error Controlled lighting not responding FATAL ERROR - REINITIALISE MACHINE I have found that this might be due to a broke

DEK 265GS - Vision hardware error

Electronics Forum | Tue May 28 12:56:22 EDT 2019 | dekhead

It is a communications failure between the CPU and the Cognex card. Does comms initiate between the 2 cards (flashing green on both)? or does it immediately come up red LED on Cognex? Have you reseated the CPU board as well as the Cognex? Is this a s

DEK 265GS - Vision hardware error

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 12:27:19 EDT 2019 | weglimir

Hello I have problem with card: VPM-5238D - Namely when printer starts, and DEK program initializes, it hangs for a while on "Downloading vision system" and then following error appears: "Vision Hardware Error - FATAL ERROR - REINITALIZE MACHINE" "

mpm up2000 z axis hardware limit

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 08:02:02 EST 2019 | proceng1

Contact George Castonguay at PPM. He is a Jedi when it comes to these machines. In fact, since you just got it, a good investment would be to have George come in and go through the machine and get it calibrated. 603-895-5112 They also sell parts

MPM AP/C (AP25?) hardware limit error / manual

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 12 22:08:34 EDT 2014 | cusackmusic

I just got a used AP/C which I guess is also called an AP25? After fixing a few obvious issues, I powered it up, and get a hardware limit error. I have verified that none of the axis are near their limits. Without a manual, I'm not sure where to go

MPM Up2500 Tactile 12-Hardware Limit Warning?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 10:29:45 EDT 2011 | babe7362000

Can anyone tell me what a Tactile 12-Hardware Limit Warning is on the MPM Up2500? I tried to reset the machine and it gets stuck on the Tactile. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thanks

Need Help on MYDATA MY12 Initiate Hardware Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 24 09:30:44 EDT 2008 | 18424

Is this a used machine or did you purchase it new?

MPM Up2500 Tactile 12-Hardware Limit Warning?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 13:34:08 EDT 2011 | babe7362000

I checked the housing and it can move up and down freely. I went into Cal and also moved it without a problem. The sensors in the digital I/O seem to be fine. I checked the voltage going to the driver card and it seems to be fine. I think I will s

Need Help on MYDATA MY12 Initiate Hardware Error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 22 18:25:06 EDT 2008 | chiptargets

Hi, I forgot to ask. Does anyone or anyone you know can provide the installation service for a reasonable price? Thanks.

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