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DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 10:33:44 EST 2010 | baildl632

Yes it was a switched 12volt problem. Supplu went bad. Thanks for the help!

charging battery with solar power?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 23:37:34 EST 2000 | Kel

If i hook a 5amp/12volt solar panel to a 6 volt lead acid battery, would it recharge it? is it as simple as hooking the two together? thanks,

MY12 tpsys keeps rebooting

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 07:32:46 EDT 2017 | bk

If you open up the back panel of the unit where your mot boards and cpu are there is a panel with test points. You can test all the dc voltages there including the 5 and 12 volts ones for the cpu.

GSM machine stops randomly; "BM" bus master light out

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 12:24:37 EST 2020 | ilavu

1. Palm down the GSM and open the safety cover to check input voltage +12VDC (at KDC2 3PL pins 2 to 3) and output voltage +5VDC (at KDC2 2PL pin 4 to 3) at the DC/DC converter. The DC/DC converter is located inside the control panel assembly ("Nose c

Resistor Help Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 09:29:02 EDT 2004 | Dilbert

Three LEDs, 3.5volts @.02amps each is 10.5volts. You said you calculated out an 82 ohm resistor so 82 ohms * .02amps is 1.64volts, I guess your going to use a 12volt supply. P=I*E =.02amps * 1.64volts =.033watts so a .25watt resistor will be fine

Block protection of Flash ROM

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 21:20:28 EST 1999 | Gyver

Hello all, Recently, we had a bad problem of block protection. You know, our programmer can't protect the 29F002 flash ROM, and our motherboard doesn't have 12 volts output for BIOS. So, from the preceding phenomena, it seems impossible to get a prot

Wiring LED's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 23:49:29 EDT 2003 | cngodles

I need to wire some LED's. I have a pair installed in my headlights that use some sort of small thing at the end of the wire. They run off of the 12 volt car battery. They can stay on for over a month without starting the car and still not drain the

Fuji IP3

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 15 06:17:47 EDT 2005 | md

All, I have a very annoying problem with the FIP3 machine. A while ago i had an issue with 2 sensors (only!) basically they were not sensong boards etc. when I checked the voltage I had 12 volts on the GB line which should have been 0v. This proble

Re: charging battery with solar power?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 05 19:15:41 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Kel- My first impulse is to tell you to go ahead and try it your way. We all need to learn from our mistakes to find the right way. What you are proposing is called a "smoke" test. As long as you can keep the smoke inside the device, in your case th

does potato can absorbed the solder or lead

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 14 14:05:55 EDT 2006 | nodlac

Additional to Dave F.... A potato has Iron @ 2.75mg and Magnesium @ 55mg. The leaching of these two meatls could contaminate the solder pot and taint the solder. ----------------------- Additional to my additional..THE SOLDER POT POTATO BATTERY...A p

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