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I-pulse problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 30 14:25:26 EDT 2008 | wrongway

Call Amistar automation talk to Rick Geisz he should be able to help you out

I-pulse problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 08:42:04 EDT 2008 | tpradio

I solved the problem. It was the print-bord that controlles the cameras... replaced and working again.

I-pulse problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 07:00:38 EDT 2008 | tpradio

I doo have 2 similar M1 mashines... so that was my way to doo it allso....

I-pulse problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 09:29:03 EDT 2008 | wavemasterlarry

Good job I normally swap boards betwen machins to veify what board is burnt up or bad, That is if you have two similar machines.

Re: PCB Repair Training

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 17:26:07 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| I am looking for some training resources on repairing PCB pads, traces, and other damaged PCB in San Jose area. Does IPC provide this type of training class? | IPC provides the most recent, and their best, requirements for repair, modification, a

I-pulse problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 29 03:10:18 EDT 2008 | tpradio

I have a problem with a I-pulse M1. Monday morning i came back from vecation, and started up the machines. warmed them up, and then..... When i started the program, (normaly it starts with scaning the nozzles) the head moves to the first nozzle, and


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