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Pre heat temperature in Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 06:50:51 EST 2003 | ex maintain leader

140..155 degrees celsus the limit is your inserted component temp schock tolerance

Fuji CP troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 15:12:47 EST 2005 | jimmyb

Device 70 and 140 must be an 8mm

Shoot Up Reflow Zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 13:34:46 EST 2016 | spitkis2

We are currently experiencing with our SMD Solder > Reflow Equipment on Shooting-Up Zones (Zones > 3,4,5,7 & even Cooling Zone). PV exceeds about > 5-10 degrees with the SP. (ex: SP=140deg, actual > PV = 145deg & higher). Our equipment undergo a

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 20 02:36:03 EDT 2004 | yukim

Hi, The solder paste is SE5-M951X-9. Comparing with the previous one we used, we are having much more tombstoning problems. The reflow profile is such as: room temp to 140C: 85~95 sec 140 to 170 C: 80 sec 170 to 200 C: 20 ~ 23 sec Above 200 C: 44 ~

Blistering of PCB during lead free assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 20:40:52 EST 2006 | Gary Kemp

We are experiencing a blistering problem during our process of lead free assembly. The customer has supplied us with the bare fab rated at 140 Tg. I am under the assumption that the Tg rating should at minimum be 170. Does anyone know if there is

Trident - Westkleen

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 23:34:32 EST 2012 | aqueous

Typical conveyor speeds on leaded alloys and OA flux is 2 FPM. Typical conveyor speeds on lead-free alloys and OS flux is 0.5 FPM. Temperature should be 140 F. Most polypropylene inlines cleaners should not exceed 140 F. -Mike Konrad Aqueous Technol

Solder on gold fingers

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 17:46:44 EDT 1999 | Gary Kemp

My company manufactures memory modules and I'm finding solder specs on the gold fingers following the reflow process. We are using a no-clean solder paste. The spec sheet warns against crossing the 140 degree C mark during the soak stage, preventin

liquidous (indium 8.9hf)

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 05 15:06:51 EDT 2011 | remullis

I am currently running at 2.12 minutes TAL using Indium 8.9HF. I am up to 68/cm min in a 8 zone oven. Indium recommends 30-100 sec or .30 to 1.40 minutes, I am think of increasing the conveyor speed until I fall with the 1.40 minutes, does anyone hav

Shoot Up Reflow Zone

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 12 15:27:21 EST 2016 | marcpeo

Hello Sr. Tech, please disregard the board temp. > it should be the actual value displayed, the PV > at 145 deg. while the SP @ 140deg. > Hello Sr. Tech, please disregard the board temp. > it should be the actual value displayed, the PV > at 14

Cleaning stencils after printing SMD adhesives

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 14:30:56 EDT 2001 | Claude Couture

We use Label& adhesive remover from M.G. Chemicals, cat. no.: 836-140g. It comes in spray can. Just spray and wipe.

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