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Heller 1500

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 15:48:55 EDT 2018 | ppatel1212

I'm looking for a local Heller service provider. we had Heller 1500 and seem out of calibration. I'm located in N.Attleboro, MA Please let me know if anyone know who can help me on this matter.

Heller 1500

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 05 18:16:39 EST 2018 | slthomas

Curious, why do you say you think it's out of calibration? Is it having problems holding zone heat?

Heller 1500

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 08:47:18 EST 2018 | bmalhi

Hi Charlie, please contact Heller service ServiceNJ@hellerindustries.com to get calibration verification procedure.

Heller 1500

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 08:21:39 EST 2018 | ppatel1212

Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. We had this machine in stock in backroom and it been seating for last 5 years now we decided to use when i turn on everything look good to me. but to be on safe side I like to calibrate. What's your thought on this?

Heller 1500 EXL Manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 14:50:44 EST 2009 | rich7799

Im looking for a parts list manual for a Hellar 1500 EXL oven, preferbly pdf version. And any other related pdf manuals for this machine. Thanks

MPM ultra print 1500

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 09:03:52 EDT 2017 | daleb

Hello New to forum, I have a mpm ultra print 1500 can not find a lube coupler for the Z axis slide bearings. Does anyone know what it is and where could I find one. A standard grease coupling does not fit. Thanks Dale

MPM Ultra Print 1500

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 16 09:02:51 EST 2002 | K Bright

Does anybody know the biggest size board this screen printer can paste.

MPM Ultra Print 1500

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 09:11:48 EST 2002 | jax

Max board size is 20x22.

Heller 1500 EXL Manuals

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 02:51:45 EST 2009 | meritajs

Hello Cisoli, I suppose you must adress to company Heller industries home page and ask for manual that you need. We bought such way documentation for this oven. Best regards Peter

MPM ultra print 1500

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 13:49:21 EDT 2017 | pjc

That's a U.K. machine, so the zerk fitting is not standard to USA. You can replace it with a standard, like from Grainger: https://www. Grainger.com/category/grease-fittings/ecatalog/N-14rvZ1z0do6q MPM can't help as that machine is obsolete, but PPM

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