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Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 22:06:22 EDT 2001 | davef


Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 10:51:11 EDT 2001 | genny

Since you brought it up, Dave, I did check your math. Looks good to me! :-)

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 08:35:54 EDT 2003 | davef

Over time, copper in the via will form an oxide with oxygen in the air.

Poor Fuji recognition of PhyComp 0603 (1608) cap

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 28 03:16:14 EDT 2002 | bentzen

Hi. I have a huge problem with Fuji CP643 recognition of 0603 (1608) capacitors from PhyComp. The terminations appear round with no clear corner edges. I have used vision type 10 but also tried others without luck. For certain parts I have 10 - 20 %

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 01 01:07:13 EDT 2001 | Brian Sloth Bentzen

I would be very interested in informations on OSP (organic solderability protection) on PCB�s. Good or bad experience with solderability, storage etc. There must be different types / brands of OSP. What type should be prefered ? And if possible

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 13:41:06 EDT 2001 | bentzen

Thanks a lot Dave. I think I will stay away from OSP. I just thought that it could be a cheaper solution than NiAU for fine pitch. And I don�t trust the silver coating types. Brian

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 16:01:45 EDT 2003 | davef

Question: Is there any paper covering oxidation and reliability on such a condition? Answer: Dunno, what does the 'sales-type' that talked you into this say?

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 07:43:00 EDT 2003 | caldon

Contact ACI where they have done tons of research on this. 610-362-1200...ask for Chris Theirolf. www.aci-usa.org cal

What color was the towel?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 01:51:46 EDT 2002 | bentzen

Hi. The towel was red and white as the Japanese flag ! The issue was addressed to Fuji Japan and was handled there. Vision type 11 and 12 do not allow protruding nozzles, so for 0603 (1608) they can't be used. Regards Brian

Component Package/Classification

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 08:00:57 EDT 2005 | davef

Dimension mm (LXW)||JIA||EIA 1.0X0.5||1005||0402 1.6X0.8||1608||0603

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