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Help about a

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 14:48:51 EDT 2001 | jax

Area Array Package (AAP)

Help about a

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 18:24:26 EDT 2001 | richf

Hi to all, I found the term AAP rework on BGA rework and process rework document, does anybody know or have seen before the initials AAP? what do they mean?

Min Hole/Pad distance to edge of PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 15:10:52 EST 2000 | Stuart Adams

Assuming agressive design rules what is the minimum distance I can get away with between the board edge and a SMT pad and between the board edge and a plated mounting hole ??? (The board is only 1"x2" and the mounting holes are 80 mil dia, 125 mil

Help about a

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 12:55:54 EDT 2001 | JoAnn

Although I don't know the answer to this I am sure one of these people could help you. They are all members of the SMTA with a great deal of BGA rework experience. Doug and Ed both teach rework classes for us. If you are interested in a BGA rework


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