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Re: qfp and soic joint Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 19:30:27 EDT 2000 | Boca

All of the above is good stuff. To add, I have seen this several times if the assembly is wavesoldered. Heat from the wave can partially reflow the top side SM solder joints and weaken them. To test, check joint strength before wave and then after

Old machine for Picking and placing masking dots

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 16:58:16 EDT 2014 | proy

I would love to use my old zevatech with a large nozzle (qfp) to pick kapton masking dots and place them on a board. I am getting some 'thicker' kapton dots to test, and need to find a way to present them, might be a trick but worth a try. Has anyon

Pick and Place Startup - LQPF100 bridging issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 20:50:50 EDT 2021 | stephendo

A couple more things. The PCB. What size are the pads? One time a board shop had difficulty putting masking between the pads of a QFP and the pads suffered as a result. When I told them they didn't have to have masking between the pads, the pads w


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