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Coilcraft Inductors Open

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 19:57:05 EDT 2014 | suroy

After wash cycle, some of the inductors are open (broken wire). Resistance across the two ends should be below 4 ohms (normal) however on broken wire shows above 200 ohms. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this problem. We are using High-Reliabi

Deionized Water Standards

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 06 19:52:36 EST 2009 | adamcrum

Yes it is one thousand. I was hoping for 1.566 but no, that is a comma. From my understanding this unit of measuremeant would be a direct equivalent in megaOhms making this 1,566 megaohms in resistivity. I may be wrong.

Lightning Head Problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 06:45:58 EST 2010 | kenadams

Why was it down before? It's possible you have bad cabling. Voltage will read okay but it/they will require very little resistance to work properly (like less than 1.5 ohms).

ESD....Limiting Resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 11:20:19 EDT 2009 | Geo

It would, but is it correct? This is what QA came back with. "Think of a chassis, connected to earth ground, sitting on top of a mat. In this situation, we are bypassing the meg-ohm resistor to ground." If the mat, the operator and the test equipmen

Resistor Help Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 19:41:17 EDT 2004 | johnww

Hi Everyone, I want to use LEDs in an enclosed box for edge lighting etched glass. There are 15 LEDs in a box and they are set up in 5 series of 3 LEDs. The LEDs are 3.5V 20Ma 8000mcd. I've worked out that I need an 82 ohm resistor for each series

Mydata board K-029-0016 Elmo Power

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 10:34:44 EDT 2018 | sarason

Now I have to guess and make a few assumptions. Without looking at the back side of the board my guess is you have some 400-100V diode bridges before the resistor ,zener and the FET . The FET is a 500V 0.85 Rdson NFET. All of this suggests a chopper

Ionic washing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 14:31:43 EST 2004 | pdeuel

DI water de-ionized water is an easier way to ensure washing free of contaminates. De-ionized water has a characteristic resistance of 18 meg ohms per cm squared. Resistance monitors can be installed in cascading wash systems that would monitor conta

Cost Per Placement

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 15:29:19 EDT 2018 | emeto

You see, if you can optimize your product setup that will be the best. Back in the days, engineers used only standard values. For resistors for example I used to build boards having 100, 330, 470, 1k, 3.3k.....Sometimes that means you might end up wi

Resistance value level of lead-free solder joint

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 08:02:11 EDT 2003 | davef

Resistance: Tables of wire gauge often provide a resistance measure of some kind for each gauge. That way we can estimate the resistance of any length of wire we might be interested in. Calculating trace resistance is only slightly more complicated.

ESD Smocks and chairs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 21:44:20 EDT 2007 | rfrog

The first thing that I would do is contact the smock manufacturer and ask them for advice on testing the smocks. ESD FROM A TO Z 2nd ed. (Kolyer) states that: smocks should have a resistivity of less than 10^12/sq and must not shed steel fibers.

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