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Is there a cross section standard test method...

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 07:33:46 EDT 2008 | davef

References [Analog Devices] 1) "Surface Preparation and Microscopy of Materials" B Bousfield, John Wiley & Sons, LTD., West Susse_, England, 1992 2) "Metallography Principles and Procedures" Leco, Corp. 1992 3) "Buehler Dialog, Microstructural Analys

Nitrogen to use or not to use

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 11:06:02 EST 1999 | Chuck Morehouse

Have any of you ever gone from using Nitrogen in your Reflow and Wave solder process to using only compressed air? No Clean users only please. I'd like to get away from Nitrogen if it makes sense.

Dynapert VCD-G board spare

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 10:28:00 EDT 2003 | lawrence

I owns a 1992 Dynapert VCD-G axial inserter, have face difficulty in locating Board level spare parts. Would appreciate help from your recommendation.

Camalot 1414 user manual

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 12:28:29 EDT 2004 | abarbe

Hi I'm looking for a user manual(copy) for camalot 1414. Software version 9.4(made in 1992). We will pay for the copy. Thank you

What is the lifespan of your SMT machines?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 07:49:46 EST 2005 | tommyttr

We have Siemens machines 0f 1992 Vintage to run daily and we do not have any problems with them.

What is the best soldering gun?

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 03 01:40:24 EDT 2019 | sarason

I own a metcal for the high precision work 1500$ in 1992 tips $60 in 1992 and have only used one tip in all that time, have horses holves for large pin devices, precision points for 0402 and a largest tip for service work. Also have Hakkos for bulk

Career Center

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 12:15:36 EDT 2001 | StepBeyond John Myers

For fresh jobs in SMT world, including sales, see StepBeyond.com. I have been recruiting in SMT since 1992 (Myers & Associates) Recently we relaunched StepBeyond. It was Myers & Associates' own job board. Now we have state of the art technology (like

Re: Nitrogen to use or not to use

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 17:50:03 EST 1999 | LUIS LOPEZ

Hi, I am new on this, I want to ask you what is HASL finish, OSP, FPY, ppm. About to eliminate the Nitrogen in reflow soldering, a listen about one solder paste that no requires Nitrogen, the solder paste is called Indium, I don't know if this is tru

Re: Nitrogen to use or not to use

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 08:33:54 EST 1999 | Nancy V

Luis, Go to the library on SMTnet and you will see Standard and Terms. Select that and you will be able to download the terms and definitions for SMT assembly. It is very useful. Of the terms you requested, only FPY is not there. I was curious a

CAM/ALOT Dispensers

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 14:41:12 EST 1998 | Arlie Keith

For Sale, two CAM/ALOT 1824 glue dispensers. These machines are in decent shape, but need the interface boards and the pump if they're to be used for SMT glue. They are the same as a Model 1818 now that they have been refurbished. One was refurb

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