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SMT Terms

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 01 13:19:16 EST 2002 | soupatech

like this.... D13 Diode, Rctfr, SK12 1A, 20V Schottky "SMB" or F1 Pollyswitch, SMD300, 60V, 3A @20 celcius, "SMD"

Re: Conformal Coating that doesn't require fancy equipment...

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 27 13:41:56 EDT 1998 | Chris Fontaine

Steve, We do a lot of hand spray conformal coating and have had much success. We have had much experience with Humiseal 1A20 Urethane. Acrylics are easier to work with but may not stand up to your environment. I don't have any experience with sili

Re: Adhesion of conformal coating to plastic components

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 01:06:13 EDT 1998 | Mike Moninger

| We have experienced poor adhesion of acrylic conformal coating to plastic bodied IC�s. The observed symptoms of this are a blistering or lifting of the coating at the surface of the component, although peel testing has revealed that this is not al


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