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Connector PAD no solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 00:22:26 EDT 2006 | YQ Deng

Through the pads of conncector(50pin) were printed full solder paste, the solder paste of about 2-5 pads follow to bottom of the connector 2-5 pins, the 2-5 pads outside of connector no any tin after reflow. Is this PCB problem? I can supply failur

What is 'toe down configuration' IPC-A-610D?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 20:54:09 EDT 2007 | raychamp007

Dear Friend, Can any one explain what is 'toe down configuration' stated in IPC-A-610D? Can any one here to explain in more details. Thanks

Heel bend wetting for Gull Wing lead

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 20:44:58 EDT 2007 | raychamp007

If the solder joint meeting, minimum side joint length(D) and also meeting, minimum heel fillet height (F) but the heel fillet NOT extend to the mid point of outside bend. It is acceptable?

Heel bend wetting for Gull Wing lead

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 21:54:05 EDT 2007 | davef

We'd say yes, if it meets both and

Modify radial machine pitch from 2.5 to 3.5 pitch

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 16 08:00:51 EDT 2013 | zaldytorres

Does anyone have suggestion how to modify radial insertion machine to 3.5mm pitch? I have to insert 3.5mm pitch Ecap but the industry standard radial machine could mount only 2.5 or 5 mm pitch. changing PCB or parts is not an option as it is not appr

Heel bend wetting for Gull Wing lead

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 20:32:31 EDT 2007 | davef

On one hand, nothing in that states that you need a heel fillet. It only talks to the length of the side fillet. On the other hand, we suggest that you should use to determine if your heel fillet is acceptable, after you have determ

Fuji CP4 & 0402

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 05:42:21 EST 2008 | aj

Hi all, Is anyone out there placing 0402 with a CP4? Not sure how reliable it would be and also how do work around the nozzle setup ? we currently have 2.5mm ,1.3mm & 1.0mm so do you remove say 6 x 2.5mm and put in 0.7mm. Any replies appreciated.

automatic insertion of radial components 3.5mm

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 20 15:53:52 EDT 2007 | erhard

Manufacturing already tried to get a design change but no chance. I guess because the designer is afraid the components could get bent too much if they are mounted with a stand off. Of course everyone who has to manufacture this fist sais: why don't

Quad QSP2+ 5x86 bios settings needed.

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 03 01:57:17 EST 2024 | heinar

Hi, does anyone have quad QSP-2+ with motherboard 5x86. I, needed bios setting both computers. Have manual, but different. I have bios settings for 4x86, when needed then ask.

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 09:53:44 EDT 2001 | Brock

Stefan, I could be wrong but I have a question about every 10th board having a defect. If a machine places 1 million components and a the board has 200 components you arrive at 5000 boards. If every 10th board has a defect, then only 500 boards have

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