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Samsung feeder bank duplication?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 21 12:58:15 EDT 2013 | highmillr

We have 2-Samsung 431's followed by a 421 on our line..We run different revision boards with similar parts. Is there a way I can run one revision feeder set up.Then switch over to the next job without having to switch feeders around for the new progr

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 22:09:38 EDT 2018 | kdx

We have 2 Samsung SM482 P&P machines. One we have had for almost 3yrs and the other going on 2yrs. Echoing Spoiltforchoice comments it's critical to use the proper lubricants and cleaners and cleaning/replacing filters when needed. A dusty environmen


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