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BTU Paragon oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 13:29:13 EDT 2004 | marcelll

We just received a new BTU Paragon oven here but it's not working because it's seam to have missing files. Is somebody here can send me a copy of the Wincon version 2.00F so I will be able to reload it. Thanks for your time

pcb component defect

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 21 11:30:56 EDT 2011 | remullis

Thanks I got some coming from BRADY. These will have to be removed. Anyone ever needing the part # its, BIA-RD 2.00 bucks a sheet.

Light tower events

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 07 10:39:36 EDT 2005 | geb

I have a BTU International VIP98 reflow oven, running WINCON Version 2.00C on Windows 98. The light tower only lights green when the oven reaches temperature, and the other colours never light up. Do you know how to set the other colour lights to tu

Fuji Part Library Question

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 28 11:01:47 EDT 2007 | mmjm_1099

Hello all, I have a question in regards to part tolerance on parts. I called Fuji (not doubting them at all here just looking for more insight here) and asked them what the usual % tolerance on parts is. They came back with 30% of a part and the tole

CP40 nozzle/bellows

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 16:51:32 EDT 2012 | fredc

If the orings are the same as Quad they are .158 ID and .024 thick. These dimensions are in inches. The thread for the Samsung QSA30 is 5.0 X 0.8mm, this may be the same for the CP40. If this is the correct oring size is it special and relatively ha

Fine pitch paste release problems.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 04:07:25 EST 2002 | Roger

Although everything that has been said earlier is sound advice for achieving good printing results, I strongly believe your problem is your manual printer and its inability to accurately control the speed at which the PCB separates from the stencil a

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 14:40:12 EDT 2011 | wrongway

Hello All We are currently running 3 universal smt machines one is an advantis lighting head all 3 machines are 2007 we run 2 shifts 5 days a week I have had very little trouble with them or the feeders. we have 2 universal through hole machines one

Philips/Assembleon Software Update

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 25 10:55:01 EDT 2015 | emanuel

We are using a Comet chipshooter complemented by an Emerald for more complex parts. Both are old but true workhorses, for our small batches are more than enough. There is one annoying thing with the Comet and the 2 tables method when it comes to fidu

Don't understand the test results of an In-Circuit Tester

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 03:41:43 EST 2016 | Haizen

I need to extract data from a log file and sort the data in an Excel file. Details are as follows: - Log File is a measurement result produced by an In-Circuit Tester (no info. about it, no name, no type, nothing). - Measurement Result is from

Double Sided Tape - Is That The Best?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 16:14:49 EDT 2007 | davef

Sure, 99 percent of the planet uses 3M double-sided tape #666 tape in helping to verify first piece after a new placement program, but is that the best there is out there? We have this 3X5 card sized "Sample - Double Stick Sheets," which [according

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