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Any PCB manufacturer can do 8 layer 1.0mm PCB with 2/2mil line?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 01:36:33 EDT 2017 | tsvetan

out of curiosity what components on the PCBs required the design to go down to 2/2 mils specs?

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Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 16:44:12 EDT 2006 | russ

Why do you want to switch?, are you having problems with 2.2 that you know 2.4 will fix?

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Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 15:46:47 EDT 2006 | JEM

Trying to convince management to buy TPSys 2.4 software upgrade for MY-12 and My15 machine. Currently running 2.2 ver. Any mydata user's out there explain how my company would benefit jumping from ver 2.2 to ver 2.4. I think the cost is $1200 per m

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Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 07:49:49 EDT 2006 | jemills

No problems with ver 2.2 that I'm aware of. I'm in process eng. and part of my job is review the machine's capabilities. From what i read, Ver 2.3 & 2.4 software was designed to speed up setups and changeovers.I understand the auto teach functions is

Any PCB manufacturer can do 8 layer 1.0mm PCB with 2/2mil line?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 02:30:19 EDT 2017 | dawson

I think most manufacturers can not make this pcb board with 2/2mil line in high volume since the bad rate is high. But anyway you can share your gerber files to some professional HDI PCB manufacturers, like http://www.madpcb.com.

Any PCB manufacturer can do 8 layer 1.0mm PCB with 2/2mil line?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 23:59:11 EDT 2017 | heros_electronics

We got an inquiry from US that requires high volume 8 layer 1.0mm PCB, OSP + selective ENIG surface, 5 groups impedance control, and stacked vias. These requirements are common, but there is 2/2mil lines in inner layers. It's said that this order was


Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 14 15:43:36 EDT 1998 | Tom

Anyone know what difference it makes whether SN63A solder wire is 2% vs 2.2% flux - and why ?

subsitute for transistor J307

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 29 16:05:42 EST 2004 | daceo

it could be a 2sj307.... http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheet/2/2SJ307.shtml

Capacitor Voltage?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 11:02:56 EST 2004 | Peter

Hi, does anyone know what an L9 on an A-Case tantalum capacitor means? We have a 2.2uf but dont know what the voltage is. Thanks for any response.

large bga (55mmx44mm) capable placement machines?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 16:55:17 EDT 2004 | Sue

Yes, a MYDATA TP9 UFP machine can place components up to 2.2" square without any modifications. Refurbished TP9 UFP machines sell for about $45K in the USA.

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