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Looking for a high quality HDI PCB house

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 11:06:53 EDT 2015 | booth

Hi Scott, Mark Wang just manufactured a 8L(2+4+2) HDI pcb prototypes for me,the PCBs min trace width/space is 2.75/3mil,I worried about the quality very much when I place the pcb job to Mark.but in fact,the 8L(2+4+2) pcb's quality is very nice,I w


Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 14:38:59 EST 2013 | bmario

Hi, We are having a problem with the interpretation of the surface evaluation criteria of J-STD-003 section "A minimum of 95% of each of the surfaces (i.e. each pad) being tested shall exhibit good wetting. The balance of the surface may

Quad 4C part placement rejection

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 14:44:31 EST 2011 | olddog

Bobpan, thank you for your speedy response. As to the items you noted: 1. I did a test of Funct 30 for the first 5 nozzles, 2 times each as follows: noz1 Ht=215 & 219, center=1005 (all nozzles all tests), run out 2.2 & 2.7. Noz2 Ht=228 &228, runout=

Mirtec programming discussion

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 10:35:18 EDT 2010 | methos1979

This was a great post from another thread here with some tips: Date: November 04, 2010 07:42 PM Author: eadthem Subject: Who has best desktop AOI ? We do almost exclusively SMT parts but for solder with a 45 degree fillet angle use vertical light

Re: PCB fab supplier supplier/evaluation

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 08 11:15:32 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| | Mike, | | | | Got your message and those of others concerning PCB fab supplier evaluation and qualification check lists, etc. I have a severe problem here in WI as I can hardly access the internet, and when I do it is cut off abruptly for no goo


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